May 8, 2008


Tour to support the critically-acclaimed Too Old to Die Young

"Elements of 'Too Old to Die Young'...have...been used before by...New York bands from Patti Smith to Television to Talking Heads, but the way Tall Firs blend them results in something lusher than any of the others could muster" - NME

Tall Firs will make their first West Coast appearances since January 2007 shows with Emily Haines at dives such as the El Rey in LA and the Great American Music Hall in S.F. This is also their first Westerdly trip since the March release of their new album Too Old to Die Young. The Wire reports TOTDY "shifts gear with an easy grace from intertwining guitar drifts to more gnarled, backwoods riffage that nods to Crazy Horse and CCR." Uncut lauds this guitar "rumble and flicker' atop the 'Keith Moon-style perpetual drum solo."

Live shows have consistently won accolades as well: David Fricke described one Tall Firs set in his Fricke's Picks column in Rolling Stone: "A gently uplifting highlight of my...weekend...a psychedelic-folk tangle of spider-leg-guitar arpeggios and hazy, bong-room singalong harmonies." The Guardian (UK) describes a recent live show as possessing "a muscularity that recalls Neil Young in one of his more ornery moods, or a beefed-up Galaxie 500."

Tall Firs have pioneered 'rental-sedan rock' and it is amazing to see a whole band and gear squeeze into a candy apple red Dodge Charger. It's an apt analogy for the Tall Firs live experience: Three fellas up there with miniature amplifiers and a distinctive lack of guitar pedals, playing your mom's kit if it's already onstage and no hassle. Yet the Firs rule a living room or a 2000 seat theatre, college-campus shed or dive bar. Tall Firs are the canned expanding foam of rock bands: Once you pop that bitch open, they precisely fill any given space with a lather of creamy dual savant guitar and lead drumming, plus the trademark world-weary vocal stylings and wiseacre goofing. You are invited aboard.

Further praise for Too Old to Die Young:
"[R]eally calming vibes but also a low-level heaviness sort of thing going on... if you like feeling good and warm, you should get it. " - Vice

"[T]he trio fashion [a] legitimate anthem in "So Messed Up," a thorny example of the outfit showing off its considerable strengths--Mies and Mullan using each caterwauling riff and bony guitarpeggio as a telephone to their twenties." - Village Voice

"The Tall Firs' ability to show their power without leaving bruises and scars is truly welcome and wonderful." - Your Flesh

"Tall Firs have a gift for slanted guitar atmospheres and laid-back vocals that feature as much slang as soliloquy."- XLR8R

"Tall Firs plays moody, highly textural rock songs marked by spidery guitar interplay that often sounds improvised. New drummer Ryan Sawyer lends tactile finesse to the trio's latest Ecstatic Peace disc, Too Old to Die Young." - Time Out NY

"Tall Firs are becoming a bit anthemic; stand up and salute." - Filter

"A rare mix of intimacy and experimentalism, Too Old to Die Young will resonate with indie rock fans who know what that album title really means."- All Music

"[S]un blessed beauty...The Firs have cut out the fuzz and moved into a twinkling star light territory of guitars and stuttering drums. Pop in the sweetest of traditions, these songs amble along, weaving organically and ending inconclusively. Thank god." - AU

"It really is lazy to say they sound like Sonic Youth because they really don't, they have that feel though, that attitude, the phrasing - scrap that, they sound absolutely nothing like Sonic Youth or Pavement or Shellac or Neil Young. Brooklyn's Tall Firs are a classic American alternative band. They're mellow, refined, clever, warm, intelligent, rewarding. A fine album, a feel good glow, a mellow beauty, a heartily recommended release. "- Organ


1. So Messed Up 4:26
2. Blue in the Dark 4:05
3. Hairdo 3:33 Listen to MP3
4. Good Intentions 4:00
5. Warriors 5:04
6. Lookout 3:07
7. Loveless 2:45
8. Hippies 5:19
9. Secrets and Lies 4:30
10. Evil Rose




July 2 Sunset Tavern - Seattle, Washington
July 13 Towne Lounge - Portland, Oregon
July 15 Cafe Du Nord - San Francisco, California
July 16 21 Grand - Oakland, California
July 17 The Crepe Place - Santa Cruz, California
July 16 TBD - San Luis Obispo, California
July 19 Mountain Bar - Los Angeles, California
July 25 WMUC - College Park, MarylandJuly 26 M Room - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
July 27 Sundazed @ Bar - New Haven, Connecticut
September 28 Sep Brudenell Social Club - Leeds UK Leeds
October 2 Red House - Sheffield UK Sheffield


May 15 2008 Ancienne Belgique / AB Club - supporting F*ck Buttons Brussels

May 16 2008 KC Belgie / Play Festival Hasselt

May 17 2008 The MotherÕs Ruin Bristol, Southwest

May 18 2008 7:30 Scala -- supporting Black Mountain London, London and South East

May 19 2008 NEED SHOW - France/Belgium/Netherlands France/Belgium/Netherlands

May 20 2008 NEED SHOW France/Belgium/Germany France/Belgium/Germany

May 21 2008 NEED SHOW France/Germany France/Germany

May 22 2008 NEED SHOW France/Germany France/Germany

May 23 2008 Muffathalle - supporting Dinosaur, Jr. Munich

May 24 2008 Palac Akropolis - supporting Dinosaur, Jr. Praha 3

May 25 2008 Posthof Linz - supporting Dinosaur, Jr. Linz

May 26 2008 Arena Vienna - supporting Dinosaur, Jr. Vienna, Wien

May 27 2008 NEED SHOW en route to Barcelona from Austria Italy/France? Milan

May 28 2008 NEED SHOW en route to Barcelona from Austria Italy/France? Marseille

May 29 2008 DAY OFF @ Primavera / skate Barcelona, send us a msg! Barcelona, Barcelona

May 30 2008 Rockadelic Underground Club Valencia, Valencia

May 31 2008 Primavera Sound Festival Barcelona, Barcelona

Jun 1 2008 TBC Madrid, Madrid

Jun 3 2008 Passos Manuel Porto, Porto

Jun 4 2008 TBC Lisbon

Jun 5 2008 NEED SHOW en route to Paris from Lisbon, Portugal southern France / northeast Spain

Jun 6 2008 Point ƒphŽmre Paris

Jun 7 2008 Club Ping Pong Cork

Jun 8 2008 Upstairs at Whelans Dublin

Jun 9 2008 TBC Belfast

Jun 10 2008 TBC Liverpool

Jun 11 2008 TBC Birmingham

Jun 12 2008 TBC Cardiff

Jun 13 2008 Proud Galleries London

Jun 14 2008 The Faversham Leeds

Jun 16 2008 Bodega Social Club Nottingham

Jun 17 2008 Nice n Sleazy Glasgow

Jun 18 2008 The End Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Jun 19 2008 City Screen Basement York

Jun 20 2008 The Shakespeare Sheffield

Jun 21 2008 Deaf Institute Manchester

Jun 22 2008 Joiners w/ Look See Proof Southampton

Jun 23 2008 Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen London

Jun 24 2008 Freebutt Brighton

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