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"Providence Redux"
(28 MB Quicktime)

DATE POSTED: July 20, 2005
COMMENTS: This is a "compiliation clip" that includes sonic youth, Afri rampo, and lightning bolt(sort of). Wooden Wand was also on the bill but the camera man didn't get there in time. It was so fucking hot in flywheel that the lens would not unfog during lightning bolt's set. great sets by all. The "Providence redux" bit was an allusion to the old SY tune that nobody got.

Magik Markers
(12 MB Quicktime)

DATE POSTED: March 31, 2005
COMMENTS: "A sold out dose of Flywheel sickness graced the foot of mt tom with inspired sets by X.O.4(I'm told- sorry nace), GreySkull, Magik Markers, Thurston/Prurient, and WOLF EYES with a warm and moist crowd there to receive the love. Body slams, hairy fist pumps, and tons of sex in the back room. "

(Fuckin) Hair Police
(15 MB Quicktime)

DATE POSTED: March 18, 2005
COMMENTS: A pre NO FUN gig: "fuckin fuck. gnarly times indeed. bless the midwest, thanks for comin. nice work gettin em here sk and how the fuck did flaherty get up to the second floor with balls that big? they should be in a museum. surprised he can stay up on a ladder to paint. speaking of balls, mine tingled all night long. hope this makes your equipment sing too"

Wolf Eyes
(28 MB Quicktime)

DATE POSTED: March 31, 2005
COMMENTS: Same night as the Markers Clip. Another stunning display of crunch and destroy enjoyed by an adoring splatter of friends. March was a really good month.

Decaer Pinga
(12 MB Quicktime)

DATE POSTED: March 28, 2005
COMMENTS: "Thanks to the autonomous battleship collective for scene provision at the bookmill on Saturday - the red tones and wood smell were the perfect scotch after shrooms come down for those still shriveled from no fun(I'm told.) And the sound evolved accordingly: Paul's tones rang true like a coal miner on opium offering the perfect seque into a truly mystical College Girls Gone Wild route91 raga. Decaer Pinga followed with a strong and lungful ass stew."

Six Organs of Admittance
(12 MB Quicktime)

DATE POSTED: March 2, 2005
COMMENTS: Moloney joined Corsano and Ben for this set. A real fave: "Another starry night of red barness in the new happy wierd valley of misfit sounds. Son of Earth, Joshua, PG SIX shared in special ways setting the table for an aggresively bipolar Six Organs of Admittance"

Prurient w/Thurston Moore
(28 MB Quicktime)

DATE POSTED: March 31, 2005
COMMENTS: "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY!" pretty much Prurient Dom's mantra and he got it done that night. Insane pelvic thrusts pollinating the air with his demon seed. Beautiful. Glad he made the trip up that night.

Magik Markers
(10 MB Quicktime)

DATE POSTED: March 9, 2005
COMMENTS: This is from "RON AID" or the Wilder Cats Benefit at Hampshire put together by Shaw and company to help out a bunch of folks up in Brattleboro that had their apartment burnt to the ground. Ron barely made it out himself and lost all of his stuff including hours and hours of video footage. Elisa shows her soft side.

College Girls Gone Wild
(12 MB Quicktime)

DATE POSTED: March 28, 2005
COMMENTS: No offense to the band because this was an amazing set but there is some speculation that traffic on this clip can be partially attributed to the band name. But like I said, an inspired set in a great room.

Vampire Belt w/ Thurston Moore
(28 MB Quicktime)

DATE POSTED: February 21, 2005
COMMENTS: Many have called this their favorite set of the year and it was a privilege to witness. Three beautiful dragon slayers home from a fresh kill and enjoying some warm mead by the fire with the rest of the cave clan. Nace's swordplay prodding the crowd like a sharpened fork pierces a grilling sausage for the first time- juices oozing. you get it- western mass hardcore!

Cat Power
(8 MB Quicktime)

DATE POSTED: April 15, 2005
COMMENTS: This was a set the preceeded Sonic Youth at a benfit for the Greenfield Center School at the Academy of the Arts here in Northampton.

Le Weekend
(24 MB Quicktime)

DATE POSTED: June 10, 2005
COMMENTS: "Some nice documentation by TM and MV has resulted in this little 8 minute vid of Le Weekend 05. Included are MV+EE, Wally Shoup Trio, Paul Flaherty + Chris Corsano, Kousokuya, The Dream Aktion Unit, Mirror/Dash, and Dredd Foole + The Din"

Comets on Fire
(24 MB Quicktime)

DATE POSTED: June 22, 2005
COMMENTS: We all enjoyed this set more than the band did in fact Ben was almost bummed afterwards. Nevertheless, this clip and that set roct from our POV. This was shot before the IRON HORSE ASS CLOWN forced me to turn my camera off.

son of earth, mirror dash, tony conrad, conrad/corsano
(17 MB Quicktime)

DATE POSTED: February 18, 2005
COMMENTS: "Christoph Cox and John Shaw put on quite the spur o the moment happnin over at Hampshire last night with none other then Tony Conrad supported by a hellbent Mirror Dash and the underworldly Son of Earth. The final stroke was a punchy Chris Corsano/Tony Conrad "

Christina Carter
(11 MB Quicktime)

DATE POSTED: May 9, 2005
COMMENTS: Christina Played a beautiful set at our first ecstatic peace night at the APOLLO GRILL that also featured:
Byron Coley (1,324 downloads)
Andy Clausen (933 downloads)
Mirror Dash (1,450 downloads)
Janine Pommy Vega (551 downloads)

Magik Markers
(14 MB Quicktime)

DATE POSTED: July 13, 2005
COMMENTS: Shot from the stage of Pearl St this summer while the band did some dates with Dinosaur. Safe to say that not *everyone* dug the markers as much as we did that night. You'll need to watch the documentary to see the backstage footage of Dino's manager giving Elisa "tips". Classic.

Dead Machines
(11 MB Quicktime)

DATE POSTED: March 18, 2005
COMMENTS: "HELLO NORTHAMPTON, IT'S GREAT TO BE UP IN THIS MUG" Maybe my favorite clip of the year, Olson's comedic greatness was the perfect complement to this night of mad sets. I have watched/listened to it in full at least 30 times which is pretty much "straight up dummmmmmmmmmbbbbbb. straight up dummmmmmmmmmbbbbbb"....

College Girls Gone Wild
(11 MB Quicktime)

DATE POSTED: July 29, 2005
COMMENTS: The second ep night at the Apollo was also a howl. This set featured a flaherty/foole face off for the ages and the night was lovingly filled out by:

Michael Pitt (1,124 downloads)
Duck (620 downloads)
Skaters (1,095 downloads)
Double Leopards (1,192 downloads)


Wooden Wand
(11 MB Quicktime)

DATE POSTED: March 18, 2005
COMMENTS: Reviewing this clip makes me realize how much I'm going to miss seeing shows at the Eagles Nest. The swooning wand looked mythological under the purple and blue light of the EN disco ball - dust filling the air like pixie dust...

Corsano | Flaherty | Yeh
(8 MB Quicktime)

DATE POSTED: March 18, 2005
COMMENTS: from that same pre NOFUN set at Eagle's nest. My favorite Flaherty performance of the year hands down- Spencer stretched him into outer space vocalizimation and corsano was know... corsano. Set ends. Breath again.