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Check Volcanic Tongue's charts for 2005.

updated: 1/3/05

Tony Confalone | P.A.'s Lounge/Somerville, MA
1.)Jason Anderson + The Best/Tigersaw/Casey Dienel New Year's Eve @ P.A.'s (AMAZING!)
2.)Eugene Chadbourne/Dredd Foole/MV&EE Medicine Show Dec. 13th @ P.A.'s (Dredd Foole Whoh!)
3.)Magik Markers/The Hashishean Daggers/Hush Arbors/Sunburned Hand Of The Man/Jessica Rylan/Believers Oct. 23rd @ P.A.'s (sick!)
4.)Jens Lekman/The Impossible Shapes/Pants Yell! Feb.11 @ P.A.'s
5.)Double Leopards/Skaters/Kate Village&Donna Parker July 29th @ P.A.'s
6.)Alasdair Roberts/Skygreen Leopards/Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice/Milo Jones Aug. 31st @ P.A.'s (transcendent)
7.) Tunnel Of Love (LP Release)/Athletic Automaton/Red Wizard March 12th @ P.A.'s (ears bled)
8.)Sunburned Hand of The Man/Vampire Belt/Heathen Shame May 18th @ P.A.'s
9.)Feathers/Islaja/Lau Nau/Kuupuu/Davenport Aug. 26th @ P.A.'s
10.)Japanther/Blacktail/Cassette Oct. 10th @ P.A.'s
Honorable Mentions... Les Georges
Leningrad/Graveyards/Tristan Da Cunha/B.J.
Snowden/Leslie and the Ly's/Josephine Foster/Night
Rally/Lucksmiths/Akron Family/Headband/Blood on the
Wall and Sir Richard Bishop...

erwin van looveren/ shattered minds, dirk freenoise, thantrum thorazin, ...
*sewer election + treriksršset, gelsomina, grunt, borbetomagus @semi final, helsinki, finland
* smegma @kraak fest, hasselt, belgium + Paris
* caroliner @kraakfest + 2 days in Paris
*jessica rylan @ freaks end future, antwerp, belgium
*nautical almanac @rotterdam, gent, tienen
* diskoster @ death petrol, antwerp + xmass tienen, belgium
*uton, pylon @ tampere, finland
*heteroskeleton @dynamo, turku, finland
* sutcliffe jugend, prurient @ london
*rubber o cement @ freaks end future, antwerp
*wolfeyes @rotterdam + hasselt
..+ all belgium retardness!!!.

Chris Miller- Number None/Rebis Recordings
I didn't think I had 10 until I started writing 'em down. For a guy who never goes to shows, it's pretty hefty. In no particular order, here we go:
Birchville Cat Motel/Jessica Rylan @ 3030, Chicago (Campbell Kneale wrestles magic from the most mundane sources. Totally inspirational.)
Jazzfinger @ anywhere, but shows @ Cabaret, Nottingham and Barden's, London, really stand out (Why are these guys not better known?! The unsung heroes of British noise!)
Dreamweapon/White/Light/Lichens @ Sonotheque, Chicago (best drone artists Chicago has to offer, all on one bill!)
Antony & the Johnsons @ Park West, Chicago (honest, heartfelt, and absolutely beautiful)
Hototogisu/Tony Conrad/Bird Show @ 2 Million Tongues fest, Empty Bottle, Chicago (MBx2 can do no wrong.)
Boredoms @ Logan Square Auditorium, Chicago ('Nuff said!)
Ultra Shit Inferno @ the Distraction Weekender festival, The Cluny, Newcastle (Confederacy of madmen. It shouldn't have worked, but it did. Chick cutting her hair on stage a bonus.)
Andy Ortmann (AKA Panicsville) @ 2 Million Tongues fest, Empty Bottle, Chicago (Surrealist king- looked like Spy Vs. Spy come alive that night.)
Tomuntonttu/Skaters collab @ Empty Bottle, Chicago (Jan, Spencer and James- a perfect menage a trois of vocals, samples, and pure mystical expression.)
Animal Collective @ Empty Bottle, Chicago

george w. myers | greySkull
i broke a rib stagediving.
1) Heathen Shame, Believers, Awesome Color @ Eagles Nest, Northampton, MA
2) wilder cats benefit (fat worm, corsano, x04, magic markers, red favorite, check the site for full mindslime listing...nuts.) hampshire college, jan. amherst ma
3) offal, transcendent of gold, tumble cat poof poofy poof + canter, bengeorge7, DJ cashman @ clark
4) magic markers, wolf eyes, x04, prurient + thurston, grey skull @ flywheel, easthampton, ma
5) everything Dennis Tyfus did while visiting USA from belgium
6) fat worm of error, vampire belt, head of wantastiquet @ eaglest nest, northampton ma
7) nautical almanac, religious knives, moore + nolan+ gown, doo man group @ apollo grill
8) Food For Animals @ Flywheel, easthampton, ma
9) Horse Spirit Penetrates, Buddyship, Red Wizard, defneg. Amherst Common, november
10)Vampire Belt + thurston, jessica rylan, emil b, noise nomads @ schoolhouse, hadley ma.

(Congolese brass band, streets of Brussels after a Konono nˇ1 concert)
(Hasselt, Zaal Belgi‘)
(Louvain-la-Neuve, Ferme du BiŽreau & LiŹge, Carlo Levi)
(Lille, Galerie Eksprim)
(Hasselt, Zaal Belgi‘)
(Brussels Đ WoluwŽ, Maison des jeunes "Le GuŽ")
(Indian ragas / Louvain-la-Neuve, Ferme du BiŽreau)
(Lille, La Malterie)
(Brussels Đ Ixelles, ThŽ‰tre MoliŹre & Petit-Fays, Ptitfaystival)
(Paris, Fondation Cartier)
(Louvain-la-Neuve, Ferme du Biereau & Deux Acren, Le b‰timent)
(Louvain-la-Neuve, La grande bulle & Hasselt, Zaal Belgi‘)

Chris Grier | Sore Thumbs, To Live and Shave in L.A. et cet et cet
1. Noise Against Fascism in DC was a dream. Getting to handpick yr absolute faves and play with 'em and watch 'em all night long ... AND get free beer ... totally rules. Believers slew, too bad the bottleneck at the front door kept folks from seeing their whole set. 16 Bitch Pile Up were an awesome surprise, and Corsano and Flaherty owned the room. Double Leopards delivered some heavy drone. Mirror/Dash cast a bona fide spell o'er the room.
Jeebus, whatta night that was.
2. Aesthetics are a rad New Zealand band I saw play Buffy Tufnel's house just north of Melbourne, Australia. They had sort of Mooged-out, Chrome-like proclivities, but they were even more twisty, 'tude-wise, which looked like it might've been enhanced by a wee bit of substance usage.
3. Hand-Fed Babies' recent set at the Black Cat in DC was scary moving.
4. Chris Corsano and Paul Flaherty anytime, anywhere I saw them in '05. Also Vampire Belt. Renews my faith in magic, the human race, et cet, every time. It's like medicine, really.
5. Wolf Eyes' recent sets in DC and Philly both ruled.
6. Nautical Almanac, all over the place. Enjoyably bewildering. Many facets to those three. The DC9 set (in DC, doye) was particularly rad.
7. Watching the Bird Blobs open up for NIN at an enormo-dome in Melbourne was interesting. The bogans were hatin' on 'em, but they sounded stellar. I'd seen them a kajillion times, but they were never as good as when Tim, the singer, was pissed off at an arena full of goths with the band being blasted through the room with about 20,000 watts. As I'd only seen them in corner pubs and kinda smallish places, I had no inkling that they could sound so goddamned thunderingly awesome. They could totally have kicked ACDC's ass all over the stage. It was a kind of consolation, I suppose, for being away from North America while the Stooges were touring. To stay through the NIN set would have been ... kind of downhill from there, so I bailed.
Oh, and Nine Inch Nails--who had a crew of 30, according to my count, and brand-new shiny road cases--paid the Blobs a whopping 400 Aussie dollars for the gig. And no gas money for the next night's 12-hour drive to Sydney, where they also got paid 400 clams. This, in a country where the $AUS is worth about 75 US cents and petrol goes for 3 bucks a liter. Tickets, mind you, were $85, and the arena held about 14,000 and was nearly sold out.
They were, however, permitted to carry off as much backstage Fruitopia as they pleased. Oh, and they enjoyed a bunch of "exposure." (In front of thousands of Australian goths to whom they may sell, like, two LPs. Their last LP cover was black, though, so who knows.)
8. Any set I saw by the Stabs during the year is a candidate, but the one at the Pony was a corker. (Melbourne again). (By the way, the Melbourne Direct LP that Mark Nelson, the Stabs' bass player, is putting out is a must-have for SY fans; it's hot jamz by the band, minus KG, w/ KG doing the artwork. Recorded direct-to-acetate, engineered by Harry Williamson, the dude from Gong, on a pristine Neumann tube-run record-cutting lathe.)
9. Ian Wadley's solo set at this one particular artist's space/underground venue in Melbourne was so memorable that I, uh, forgot the name of the place. There were about eight or 10 noise/avant/whatever acts going on, and when it was Ian's turn, he just picked up his Mustang and sat down on a little combo amp in the middle of the floor while people were chatting and clinking beer bottles and whatnot. But after a minute or so, whatever he was doing just kinda bloomed and totally took over the air and all of us who were walking around in it.
One dude, a guitar in standard tuning, no pedals or anything. It ain't the tools, y'know? Ian's a lovely man and gesamtgenie. You could hand him a shovel and a beer bottle and he could wrangle a beautiful set out of it somehow.
10. Love of Diagrams, Brooklyn, NY, at Tommy's Tavern a couple weeks ago.
Promoter Todd P., stage left, sotto voce: "Cops are here, maybe you can do a quiet one?" (or something to that effect)
Luke: "We don't know any quiet ones."
Crowd: (laughter)
Luke: "No, I'm serious, we don't know any quiet ones."
Love of Diagrams: (immediately resume rocking, loudly).
A fuller list would include sets by Thalia Zadek, New Buffalo, Bat Rider, Hate, Jemimah Jemimah, Kiosk, Francis Plagne, Alex Jarvis, Baseball, and True Radical Miracle.

Oliver Hall | She-Rat, Arthur contributor & LA rockwrite jerk
Bellow & Howl at Paloma's house
Thurston Moore & White Out at Spaceland
Skull SkĚll at the Smell
Sissy Spacek & Staring Problem at Il Corral on Phil Blankenship's birthday
Obstacle Corpse at Il Corral and backstage at Bad Religion
Liberation Music Orchestra at the Echo
Comets on Fire at Arthurfest
SunnO))), Boris, Thrones at the Echo
Dicks at the Scene
D Yellow Swans at the Smell

Beno”t Chaput | L'Oie de Cravan
Many ones lost for sure but
1. Best in a very long time : Borbetomagus at Sala Rossa in june.
and among others, in no particular order :
-No neck blues band, in Victoriaville
-Lcd Sound System, at La Tulipe
-Awesome, outdoors in some Montreal park this summer
-A Silver Mont-Zion with Carla Bozulich and Jerusalem in my heart , in Brooklyn this summer.
- Wild Billy Childish, at Sala Rossa
- TTC, at Zoobizarre this fall
- The theramin and voice of Frank Martel and Nathalie Derome also at Zoobizarre this winter.
-Nutsack at Casa del popolo also this winter
-Dos at Sala Rossa
and i'm sure some wilder better things that i am totally forgetting now...

Phil Neff |, Experimental Sounds
- Mouthus, Bonus, Double Leopards, Axolotl/Skaters (SS Marie Antoinette, Seattle, WA)
- Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice, Castanets, Skygreen Leopards (Gallery 1412, Seattle, WA)
- Black Dice, Blood on the Wall (Chop Suey, Seattle, WA) (I have been waiting for years to see Black Dice, finally made it...)
- Deerhoof, Na (Chop Suey, Seattle, WA) (Deerhoof get better every time I see them, and I have a huge Satomi crush, predictably...)
- Gang Gang Dance, Bloodlines (Chop Suey, Seattle WA) (Even though the venue cut off Bloodline's set and initated some serious negativity leading to ejection of Bloodlines bandmembers, an abrupt end to GGD set, and post-set drum circle/hollering catharsis which caused the club to call the cops... GGD was amazing.)
- No-Neck Blues Band, Sea Donkeys (Gallery 1412, Seattle, WA)
- Thrones (Electric Heavyland, Seattle, WA)
- Devendra Banhart, CocoRosie, William Basinski, Antony & the Johnsons (On the Boards, Seattle, WA)
- Eric Ostrowski, Bonus (Wall of Sound/Confounded Books, Seattle, WA)
- (Last night I dreamed I saw Silver Apples playing on a huge inflatable raft in a swimming pool, so that has to count for something, yeah?)

Joshua Burkett | Joshua
1. bookmill battleship collective- dredd foole, red favorite, michael chapman, pg-six, christina carter, corsano/mcphee/flaherty, finnish invasion, son of earth...
2.aeth'r myth'd - live all over
3.dinosaur jr in northampton
4.believers/magik markers - the future is now
5.whale festival
6.samara lubelski/sir richard bishop/mv/ee & feathers/pg six/steven zultanski- the unitarian church continues
7.tall firs - tonic
8. byron coley - spoken word at the apostasy house
9. george&dan- everything they did and do & shannon/shinola - ditto
10. circle/sun-burned/jack rose/yoko ono/josephine foster/sonic youth - arthurfest

Pete Nolan | Magik Markers, Spectre Folke, Virgin Eye Blood Brothers
-Blood Stereo ... live in Brighton... couldn't get all the way into the packed theatre to see these cats and try to figure out what the hell was going on .... it was the best sounding noise thing I've ever heard live... a giant .. organic... shiney plastic blue beast.... when I could crain my head around ... I saw Dylan cradling a peavey bandit ... contact mic in mouth ... as blissful sound blew in his face... awesome...
-White House live at Rothco NYC (show not record) .... . this show made me understand.... these guys are fucking rock stars... and they demand that you join them in a world of total sound.... turn up the fucking PA... yes I do believe in rock and roll
-Germs Live... #4 their actor singer was a douchebag... but they sounded fucking great... exactly like the record... gave me a strong impression of their gnarly deal... and most importantly realizing that Don Bowles drum set up is the same as Sonny Murray... 2 bass drums... lots of cymbals....... Pat Smear is a god
-Dinosaur Junior live shows .... Touring with these guys I got to see them many times... they were very fucking good... and along with White House... helped me to realize the importance of total sound on a big stage.... There is nothing like an impenaterable wall of amplifiers to
-Mick Flower live... fucking awesome... I don't know how he made so much sound... good idea though... this guy rules..... insanely suave guitarist .with a ciggarette dangling from his mouth....
-Mouthus.. in some warehouse in Dumbo... these guys sounded like an airplane taking off.... Nate is the sickest drummer ... totally precise and weird... really cool...
-Zaimpth at no fun fest... MB sounded so good solo style... concise perfect... scary as shit noise.. voice of the demones
-Heathen Shame... no fun fest... these guys were my favorite thing there... incite ing the riots stage drive... these guys and white house no what a noise show is posed to be like...
-No Neck... in atlanta ... big band far east jam...sick...
-Sunburned Hand of the Man... in chicago at the subteranean.... funniest shit i've ever seen I think..."ain't nothin....! I mean nothin....! like a good jam!"

andrew mac | Gown, Yod dweller
1.anna, hud and lili's contributions to kreftings birtday
2.jandek at the film archives, not sure how wonderful the performance of jandek was but the trio was one of the best ever and jandek, well is still jandek
3.wooden wand everywhere and anywhere, genius in no matter which form it lands in brattleboro at the weird bar where they played with alastair roberts
5.sapat in louisville and at the flywheel, two totally different sets and both really amazing. these cats will stoke fires for years to come
6. yellow swans at tone vendor in sacramento, totally electro guitar abandon, they remind me of the dead c, not sure why but i have put it in print now. girls gone wild w/dredd at the apollo grill. flaherty and foole head to head going will, say no more
8. byron coleys private reading series, articles and poems. various days and nights at the yod space, by apointment only.
9.magick markers, anywhere, any form, anytime, anyhow. if you don't see them at least 3-4 times a year, the year doesn't count and it was wasted.
10. live people, real people too many and wonderful to mention but i would who you know who you are, but going on a long trip across the country i met countless wonderful people and spend time in an area with countless wonderful people.

John Schoen | Pengo/Rainbeaux/Haoma Records/Hippie Overdose label
in no order
Sick Llama- sets in Montreal, Rochester & Detroit. Stoned Heath might just be my favorite one man noise set dude in the U.S.A. right now. Fag Tapes rules too!!!!!
Davenport- sets in Rochester & Madison. Amazing heart of darkness jams. Some of the nicest guys making some of the most harrowing music.
Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice- in Rochester. Saw 'em on what might have been the hottest day of the year. I was so damn tired when I went to this show(just finished moving!!!) but WW&VV completely energized me. Everyone on stage looked like they where having the best time of their life. Super positive psych jams.
Luasa Raelon- in Rochester. Deep concentration noise weirdness. His set was pretty close to having a out of body experience.
Sapat- sets in Rochester & Louisville. Huge rocking throw-downs. Straight-up O-Mind scramblers!!!
Eyes & Arms of Smoke- Sets in Rochester & Lexington. Overwhelming sounds of beauty.
Nautical Almanac- in Rochester. "We have t-shirts & SUV's for sale outside in the parking lot."
Sir Richard Bishop- in Rochester. The man knows how to play!!!!!!! Total hero!!!!!!!!
Wolf Eyes- in Buffalo. Crush!!!! Kill!!! Destroy!!!!!!
No Fun Fest- Redhook. Like taking a 2 month tour & compressing it down to 3 days. The good, the bad & lots of ugly. too many amazing sets to list.
Fuck, 2005 was a long year!!!!!!!!

Dylan Nyoukis | Blood Stereo/Ceylon mange/Decaer Pinga/Chocolate Monk/etc
hey lunks.. so heres a handfull of magic that scrambled my headhole in 2005. no order.
-Bohman Brothers, marlborough Theatre, Brighton
ah yes the wonderous Bohman Brothers, connoisseurs of words and junk. this was a mighty performance. with the added bonus of getting to hang with Adam all the next day and go charity shop scouring with him.
-Spencer Yeh/Pete Nolan Duo, some shithole pub in New York
violin and throat scrape. Just fucking rite on. Shit beer though, and a mensroom to make Scotland blush.
-Pengo, No Fun Festival, New York
garbage plate munching psych weirdos delivered some hot, hot smooch. levitating ass into brain.
-Polly Shang Kuan Band vs 16 Bitch Pile Up, No Fun Festival New York
the all female voodoo that was the climax of the Chocolate Monk curated night in the basement, soon descened into total fucking punk love chaos, with a swelling pit sspilling onto the stage and some of the ladies falling into the crowd. faces of joy evrywhere. totally life affirming.
-Grey Skull, Schoolhouse, Hadley, MA
new england pretty boys made some ugly, ugly 'music'
-College Girls Gone Wild, Bookmill, Montague,MA
purely due to getting to see Dredd Foole perform for the first time. a throat hero.
-Virgin Eye Blood Brothers, Marlborough Theatre, Brighton
all hail the hobo-noise
-Wolf Eyes, Bardens Boudoir, London
fucking great gig. The last show on their huge euro tour. A perfect mix of 'songs' and improv. A packed, hot ashell sweaty venue, all topped off with Z'ev acting as self appointed stage bouncer, throwing kids clear of the boys gear. (the dude is like 5 stone!!!).
-Justice Yeldman & The Dynamic Ribbon Device, Marlborough Theatre, Brighton
Tiny audience made up of non-noise loving, hipster kids. Just the total look of horror on their faces was magical to watch, and this was also the best i have heard Lucas's sound poetry, total gimp.
-Sun City Girls. Instal, Glasgow
despite what some Wire lunks might say, this was great SCG theatre, worthy of hacking off Jack Rose's hands. i wish someone would...

Greg Kelley | Nmperign, Heathen Shame
- Orchestra Baobob @ Somerville Theater
- Wayne Rogers karaoke performance of McCartney's Jet @ Charlie's Kitchen
- Karaoke guy who did classic rock songs in faux Jamaican Sean Paul style complete with odd Rasta references/lyric changes @ Charlie's Kitchen
- All Major Stars new lineup shows, especially *one* of them which was the best Stars set I've seen, but I forget which one!
- Miminokoto @ Great Scott
- Lisa Carver @ a tranny event on Halloween - still confusing audiences after all these years.
- Magik Markers/Believers @ All Asia on Halloween, too what a night.
- Magik Markers @ Midway - everyone thought this was a disaster (band included) with the thrown chair, the smashed bottle, and the real possibility of at least 2 fistfights!
- Wolf Eyes @ TTs
- Jason Lescalleet @ PAs Lounge
- Sunn O))) @ Middle East Upstairs - too small a room, too many people, no air, collapsed lungs.
- Pita @ some loft w/ a huuuuuge subwoofer - way too short, not loud enough, 3 computer freezeups, but what happened was great. Moreso in retrospect.
- Whitehouse @ Bill's Bar - fucking pussies! They didn't even play because Bennett was feeling sensitive. At the time I was pissed. In retrospect, it was a memorable set!
- My future vision says next week's Major Stars, Magik Markers duo, Duck show at the Abbey Lounge is going to be one of the best of the year. I can almost taste the PBR.

- Jandek @ Music Lover's Field Companion
- Kyoaku No Intention @ Music Lover's Field Companion

- Geoff Mullen @ Safari Lounge

- Metalux @ No Fun
- Bloodyminded @ No Fun - It was like the Venom banter 7" live!

- Endless Boogie @ Reverent Fog
- Flaherty/Corsano @ Reverent Fog - when not marred by horrific guest trumpeter.

Aaron Rosenblum | Itchy Pits, Son of Earth, Sapat, Shackamaxon
Dave Cloud trumpet solo @ Dave Cloud's idling pickup truck, Nashville, TN
Plus: 16BPU, John Allingham, AZ Drains, Believers covering R.B. Nightmare Band, Boogie Bros., Joshua Burkett, Eyes and Arms of Smoke, Scott Foust, Michael Hurley, P.G. Six covering X, Jonathan Richman, Watersports, Wildercats Benefit, WW, WWVV, etc.

Patrick Suddath | Maryland
1. Believers, Metalux, Double Leopards, Monotract, 16 Bitch Pile Up, Buzzardstain, Mirror/Dash, Nautical Almanac, Flaherty/Corsono Duo, Magik Markers, and To Live and Shave in LA at Noise Against Fascism at the Black Cat
2. Sonic Youth (twice) and Loren Mazzacane Conners in Hoboken
3. Les Georges Leningrad, Rogers Sisters, The Watchers at the Talking Head
4. Sleater Kinney and Dead Meadow at the 930
5. Arthurfest (too many to list)
6. DEVO at the 930
7. Dino Jr, Bardo Pond, and Magik Markers at the 930
8. Shonen Knife, Visqueen, The Routineers at the Black Cat
9. Partyline at Rock and Romp
10. Nautical Almanac at the Talking Head

Mikey T. | Warmer Milks
(minus magik markers, this list is in no order nor is it even remotely complete!!!!)
1. Magik Markers/Sunburned Hand/BXC in Lexington
1. pt.2 Dead Machines, WWVV and Hair Police at Mecca on Limestone ("Get It Together Noooow")
1. pt 3 Superwolf/Arbouretum in Lexington
2. Warmer Milks summer tour-jams with Angela Sawyer, Ian Nagoski, Lexie Mountain, Nathan Bell, Dave Heumann (meeting tons of beautiful people as well-oh, Dan Conrad set at the True Vine was GNARLY!)
3. The local bangers (Eyes and Arms of Smoke, Walter Carson, Three Legged Race, Caves)
4. WM Fall tour with Six Organs of Admittance and Hush Arbours (Maloney sitting in on drums in Bloomington, meeting William 'Bonny', getting completely blasted out of our heads)
5. Watersports, Iovae and Sapat in the Ampitheather Lexington
6. Jessica Rylan at the Charles Mansion (and every other show I attended at the Mansion for that matter)
7. Anything I caught of Auk Theatre/Collection of the Late Howell Bend in Lexington
8. Nautical Almanac/Cadaver In Drag in Detroit (jamming with Hivemind that night as well)
9. Sword Heaven. Fucking Sword Heaven.
10. Shit, I'm forgetting so much. Thanks to all my friends (old and new) for the good times.
TOTAL 1))) I love you Leslia!!!
(some damn good records: Hair Police-Constantly Terrified, Coldplay-X&Y (esp. 'Speed of Sound'), all releases Rampart and Mountaain, BXC-The Very Heart of The World, Nautical Almanac-Cover The Earth as well as Twig solo joints, Hivemind-Death Tone, Cadaver In Drag releases, GBV R.I.P., Burning Star Core tour boxsets, Harlan-Still Beat, etc., etc.)

Sharon Cheslow | Decomposition
Wanda Gala/Bob Bellerue - Il Corral, LA
Metalux - Flight of the Buffalo, Brooklyn
Sissy Spacek - Il Corral, LA
Impregnable - Il Corral, LA
Secret Diary (Donna Parker/Jessica Rylan) - Twisted Village, Cambridge
Jason Zeh - Il Corral, LA
Warbler - Smell, LA
Hawnay Troof - Smell, LA
DOS and White Out (w/Thurston Moore) - Spaceland, LA
Liz Allbee - Hemlock, SF
Kelan Philip Cohran - Schindler House, LA
and two from end of 2004 that stayed with me all this year:
Charalambides - Mile High Club, Oakland
Maja Ratkje - 964 Natoma/Field Effects, SF

Barry Esson | Instal, KYTN, Music Lovers' Field Companion
Mochizuki Harutaka - Le Weekend - Stirling
Tony Conrad - Subcurrent - Glasgow
Kazuo Imai - MLFC - Newcastle
Keiji Haino - CCA - Glasgow
Hijokaidan - Instal - Glasgow
Mazzacane/ Licht - Instal
Dredd Foole - Le Weekend - Stirling
Dream Aktion Unit - The Hook - Brooklyn
Jandek/ Corsano/ Heyner - Issue Project Rooms - Brooklyn
Jandek with Neilson/ Youngs & Heather Leigh/ Licht/ Mazzacane - Instal -Glasgow

Brian Turner | WFMU Music/Program Director/Janitor
1. Circle/Khanate/Psychic Paramount/Coptic Light/Mouthus - The Hook - Brooklyn
2. Rush - Radio City Music Hall (flashpot explosives, a washer/dryer, Jerry Stiller, Peart playing sampled big-band effects triggered on rotating drumkit while inexplicable 1930's minstrels-with-chimps film screened behind him, 3.5 hours of total fuck-you-look-at-me-prowess and complex garage covers) I think this was this year, anyway.
3. Gary Higgins/Six Organs at Tonic - NYC
4. Islaja/Pekko Kappi/Kuupuu/Lau Nau/Tomutonttu - Tommy's Tavern - Greenpoint
5. Keiji Haino solo - The Stone - NYC. Speaking of Haino, extremely saw Aihiyo-ish electric guitar performance by some guy doing a bizarro freeform cover of "Welcome Back Kotter" - Astor Place 6 Train platform.
6. Chain Gang - CBGB - NYC
7. Lightning Bolt/Afrirampo - Tonic - NYC
8. Magik Markers/Watersports - Tonic - NYC (and everytime the Markers played. Hustle Elisa on stage late after a private party for 200 drunken, vomiting, groping Santas, tell her she has 10 minutes, and watch what happens)
9. Sir Richard Bishop - Glasshouse - Brooklyn
10. Arthurfest especially Six Organs/Residual Echoes/T-Model Ford/Comets/Merzbow/Circle/Jack Rose.

rob enbom | gang wizard, oakland
1. new years day @ grandma's house oakland, ca - anla courtis solo set and anla courtis/nick castro/tom carter trio set great way to repair a blasted mental new years in west oakland
2. sightings, no doctors, burmese, vholtz @ operation restore maximum freedom in woodland, ca. - endless pitchers of beer, burgers and bikers. thanks rick!!
3. ariel pink in my subconscious most days
4. little howlin wolf @ ivy room, albany, ca. - crazy psychedelic segueway from "blubba" to howling feedback/two horned soul = WTF????
5. Harry Merry, Biff Rose, Talent, Ghost Kings, Usaforlsd @ stork club oakland, ca - another great WTF, biff rose riffing on harry's yamaha rapping and telling stories, ghost kings' sockless homeless tenacious d time/space travel, talent felt good, harry merry fills all space, effortlessly destroying all other realities through repetition.
6. Gris Gris, Saccharine Trust, Gang wizard, Kevin Shields/Grace Lee collab, Anni Rossi @ grandma's house oakland, ca - particularly great sets from everyone! what a mix too
7. no neck blues band @ CCA in SF - playing the space with care and grace
8. Elyse Perez yanking that dude up by a wall by his hair, pouring vodka in his eyes and beating him at the very beginning of Cock ESP's epic and absolutely terrifying performance at grandma's house last year. there's a picture of it at i don't care if it was last year, it was one of the best musical things to happen all decade.
9. Smegma in SF/Oakland - can't remember was this last year? best band in the US??? whatever!
10+. Sixes at Art SF, current93/Om at great american (SF)

Paul Labrecque | Sunburned Hand of the Man, Beligium
Here's the list.
Markers (Magik and Black'nblue) in about 20 different places in a 4 week period.
A day of love at the Wilder Benefit.
Chasney and Corsano
Maloney and Chasney and Corsano
Dinosaur Jr, stage right, behind the PA and next to J's "rig"
A Tony Conrad timefuck
Charalambides in Hasselt (first time)
Joshua in Deux Acren
The Ex at the Cinema Nova
Duck in my living room
Gene Clark inside my head

Bart De Paepe | Sloow Tapes
Charalambides, KC Belgie, Hasselt
Islaja/Fursaxa/Heather Leigh/Samara Lubelski improv night, KC Belgie, Hasselt
Ignatz, Scheldapen, Antwerp
Tony Conrad, Vooruit, Gent
Birchville Cat Motel, Frontline Gent
Can't, Freaks end Future, Antwerp
Trad Gras och Stenar, Kraak fest, Hasselt
Text Of Light, Brussel
Born Heller, Frontline, Gent
R.O.T. Idiolabo, Antwerp
Benjamin Franklin/Rubber O Cement, Freaks end Future, Antwerp
Sylveser Anfang, Freaks end Future, Antwerp

Anthony T | Bodybuilding Tapes
Top 10/All 10's:
Smegma, Fe-mail, Caroliner @ Wooden Octopus Skull Fest. Seattle, WA
Corsano/Flaherty/Shoup @ 1412 Gallery. Seattle,WA.
Text of Light @ Faranheit Ballroom. KC, Kansas.
SSEOL/Birthing throwdown @ Liberty Park. Peoria, IL (MANY cymbals broken, gashes obtained).
Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice, I Heart Lung @ 7th St Space. Dekalb, IL (Near-donnybrook Folk/Fury post-show).
Carlos Giffo, Metalux @ Dr. Glorious. Seattle, WA.
Ghidra, Magik Markers @ Sunset Tavern. Seattle, WA
Prurient, Wolf Eyes @ Sunset Tavern. Seattle, WA.
NNCK @ 1412 Gallery. Seattle, WA.
Last But Def. Not Least:
(I wanted to make the Axolotl/Inca-Ore/God show 3 Saturdays ago but spent that night recovering from a 5+ gram -Heroic Doise- of Psilocybes).
Begin forwarded message:

Matt Despres |, Amherst
Off the top of my head...
Sonic Youth / Cat Power / Dredd Foole and MV -Northampton
Majik Markers/Wolf Eyes/Prurient+Moore/GreySkull -Easthampton
Flaherty/Corsano/McPhee - Montague
Flaherty/Corsano & Sir Richard Bishop - Montague
Six Organs of Admittance / BELIEVERS / Bunwinkies -Easthampton
U2 - Boston
College Girls Gone Wild/M. Pitt/Skaters/Double Leopards - Easthampton
Mirror/Dash / Clausen/Coley/ Vega /Christina Carter -Easthampton
Jack Rose/Pelt/Spiral Joy Band - Montague
M. Ward - Northampton
Jeff Tweedy - Northampton
The Exchange Rate - Somerville

twigharper | Nautical Almanac
1. HZMT @ No Fun Fest-Paranoid trama transmissions, flipped my whole reality upside down.I passed the test=no one got killed with a chainsaw weilding masonic killer. FUCKED
2. Raionbashi -in berlin: master actionist: simple piano melody failure contrasted with bursts of screams and feedback, each time getting more and more insane. ends with smashed bloody face into grand piano.
3. Door/ New Brunswick NJ, keep an eye on this younging, in the near future entre citys will be built with totems of his efforts.
4. Curling Sandwiches- local baltimore duo, complete WTF band. first show was karaoke theatrics fest, progressively theyve regressed. last show they couldnt even play one song. complete confusion on every level.
5. Caleb Johnston/Phil Minton/Scott Moore/Samuel Burt- high zero fest, beyond it being a complete skatter brain frazzle scraper, Caleb played in Black face which sent a jolt thru the sitdown attentive audience thattook a good 10 minutes to shake off. Thats my Bro!
6. Micheal Johnsen/ he never asked to be famous- best live 'post-tudor' electronicist alive performing in the states, for real.
7. That band that we played with in Kansas City, fuck what were they called. Amazing transmissions from who know where? 6 piece(?) all playing in seperate spheres but ooozing out a solid mass that connected perfect. Send me new recordings, well put it out!
8. TLASILA -was that tour this year? i dont even remeber. regardless, killer show at our house,utter ego petting blown out glam noise mayhem. thought the 3rd floor was gonna cave in, ended with WK playing live drums under Baltimore Club mixes.
9. i can only do 8

Ben Chasny | Comets on Fire, Six Organs, Swinger Shoes
1) Sunn 0))) - Halloween, SF
2) Magik Markers - Kraak fest Belgium
3) Sunburned Hand of the Man -Aug 26th, Arcata, CA
4) Warmer Milks - Lexington, KY
5) Om - Great American, SF
6) Watersports - Tonic
7) Believers - Flywheel
8) Growing - Whole tour
9) Sir Richard Bishop - Every damn time I see him
10)Corsano/Flaherty - Every damn time I see them

Dana Hunt | roccus entertainment local only
Columbus was a freak weekend. Truly the mind reels:
fri) corsano/flaherty/mcphee sat) debut of bark haze/xo4/
sat) Religious Knives/doo man group/nautical almanac
sun) Believers/Eric Amlee/Bunwinkies/Hush Harbors/6 Organs
The fall brawl finale-the way the eagles? nest should go out Sunburned/magik markers/believers/mick flowers
Peter brotzman and Nashhed Waits@umass
sybris@great scott-worth a peek if they come to your town
french toast&the ponys@Iron Horse
played their asses off for all 11 in attendance
josh burket&john shaw-in my kitchen
distortion, delays, electric bagpipes, a giant PA & a space smaller than the flywheel
comets on fire@iron horse
Michael Pitt/Duck/College Girls Gone Wild/Skaters/Double Leopards@apollo grill
t.moore/duck/gown+christina carter/xo4@flywheel
bunnybrains/dmbq/lightning bolt@great scott tie with
greyskull/magik markers/heavy creeps/WOLF EYES
So many more..............................

Stacie Slotnick | The Critique of Pure Reason, Cambridge, MA
my three favorites:
08.12.05 a hawk and a hacksaw, colleen, keith fullerton whitman @ pa's lounge, somerville, ma
12.06.05 akron/family @ pa's lounge, somerville, ma
08.31.05 alasdair roberts @ pa's lounge, somerville, ma
other shows that were awesome:
07.15.05 akron/family, sir richard bishop, martin finke @ pa's lounge, somerville, ma
09.28.05 antony and the johnsons @ paradise, boston, ma
09.09.05 john vanderslice, chris brokaw @ lorem ipsum books, cambridge, ma
04.17.05 bonnie "prince" billy and matt sweeney play superwolf @ boston museum of fine arts
07.19.05 wooden wand and the vanishing voice, castanets @ pa's lounge, somerville, ma
07.30.05 mamadou diabate ensemble @ lowell folk festival
03.03.05 six organs of admittance w/chris corsano, pg six @ zeitgeist gallery, cambridge, ma
03.21.05 mt eerie, woelv @ MIT, Sala de Puerto Rico, cambridge, ma
10.24.05 sean smith, glenn jones, matt valentine @ pa's lounge, somerville, ma
06.10.05 coughs @ the midway, jamaica plain, ma

patrick battleship | autonomous battleship collective
no particular order...
1) chris weisman intelligents montague 12/11
2) mv/ee & the bummer road @ the UU, Amherst
3) b'lievers at flywheel (show with six organs)
4) Joshua/Jan Anderzen montague 8/28
5) Pekko Kappi montague 8/28
6) Witch at Elevens
7) Flaherty / Corsano 5/1 montague
8) feathers, pg six, zultanski, ray morin, castro, the electric otto @ the UU, Amherst february
9) PG Six montague 12/2
10) Wildercats benefit at Hampshire -- everything...

Jonathan Frye | Kork Agency
1) Wolf Eyes/Prurient-Proletariat Houston
3) XBXRX-Walters Houston
4) Strange Attractors showcase-SXSW
5) Picastro-SXSW
6) The Wrens-Mary Janes Houston
7) Deerhoof/Jana Hunter-Proletariat Houston
8) Large Number/Indian Jewelry-Proletariat Houston
9) Les Georges Leningrad-SXSW
10) why?/Mahjongg-Mary Janes Houston

Jessi Leigh Swenson | Believers, Duck, Flute
Eleven that got my guts moving:
1. Touranosaurus '05: January 15-24
2.John Shaw and Aaron Rosenblum(Dos II) do Kraftwerk at Apostasy Night 6 2/18
3. Yeh/Corsano at Bookmill 3/12: I bled.
4. Marcia solo at No Fun 3/19
5. Trip to Troy with Krefting and Kesin 6/5
6. Bummer Road at meeting house 7/14
7. Sapat in Brattleboro and Flywheel sometime in drunk August.
8. Believers do Earthquake at surefire, and Lawman cometh.
8.The Band: Last Waltz in a stranger's basement.
9.Brotzmann/Waits at UMass 9/22
10. Corsano/Flaherty/McPhee at Bookmill 10/7
11.Anna Klein fucks "you are my sunshine" at TK 12/3

Greg Eggebeen
1.) Lightning Bolt/Afrirampo/Growing + More - Queens Parking Lot, NY (a 12 hour blowout in the hot summer sun. watching LB while standing on a broken picnic table at 2 in the morning was killer)
2.) Akron/Family- The Mill, IA (love and space...)
3.) Simon Finn/Thurston Moore/Queens- Tonic, NY (everyone in New York needs to get Scott Mou to relase something official under his Queens moniker right NOW)
4.) Dinosaur Jr.- Central Park, NY
5.) Magik Markers- Tonic, NY
6.) Wolf Eyes/Prurient- M Shop, IA
7.) USAISAMONSTER/Nautical Almanac/Kites- Gabe's, IA
8.) Old Scratch Revival Singers/Twelve Canons/Raccoo-oo-oon/East Side Guys- Hall Mall,IA (gospel blues? folk? psych? new wave? this one had it all)
9.) Gang Gang Dance- Bowery Ballroom, NY
10.) D. Yellow Swans- Gabe's, IA (20 minutes of brain-frying poltical freakout noise)

Jeffrey Alexander | Secret Eye records, Black Forest/Black Sea, AS220, Providence
1) Boris - Berlin, Festsaal Kreuzberg, 3-21-05
2) Miminokoto - Providence, AS220, 10-28-05
3) Long Live Death - Brooklyn, Galapagos, 9-17-05
4) Snoeleoparden - Arhus, Splab, 3-19-05
5) Urdog - Providence, AS220, 3-9-05
6) Wooden Wand + Vanishing Voice - Providence, Bldg 13, 9-1-05
7) Sunburned Hand Of The Man - Providence, AS220, 3-2-05
8) Traed Graes Och Stenar - Hasselt, KC Belgie, 3-12-05
9) Up-Tight - Providence, AS220, 10-26-05
10) Green Milk From Planet Orange - Providence, KFC, 10-31-05

Brett Robinson | Easthampton, videographer for The Living Jarboe
1) Boyd Rice, MIT's "Discourse on Evil" (no applause received)
2) The Living Jarboe & Amber Asylum @ Trinity Temple, Albany, NY
3) Earth + Pelt, TT's, Cambridge
4) Thurston/Gown/Magick Nolan, Apollo Grill, Easthampton
5) Fat Worm of Error + Crank Sturgeon, Flywheel, Easthampton, 5/5/5
6) 16 Yellow Swan Bitch Pile-up, Flywheel's gallery, Easthampton
7) Radioactive Prostitute, Ed Art Collective, Jamaica Plain
8) Double Leopards, Apollo Grill, Easthampton
9) Melvins & Jello Biafra, Pearl Street, Northampton
10) Michael Jackson's acquittal

Ben Parrish
01. no neck blues band//the punks @ gallery 1412, seattle
02. magik markers/sunburned hand of the man @ sunset tavern, ballard
03. monster dudes/foque mopus @ my garage, olympia
04. freedom feather/nature v. future @ my bedroom, olympia
05. deerhoof @ eagle's hall, olympia & the paradox & chop suey, seattle
06. black dice/blood on the wall/spider & the webs @ chop suey, seattle
07. indian jewelry @ yes yes, olympia
08. world/le ton mite/foque mopus @ art house designs, seattle
09. yellow swans / bonue + inca ore + axotol / foque mopus @ yes yes, olympia
10. telepathe @ yes yes, olympia

Russ Waterhouse | White Tapes
In no particular order:
Cassis Cornuta + Coarsebangor @ the Freaks End Future shop
Gary Higgins + Six Organs of Admittance @ Tonic
Endless Boogie @ Siberia + Mercury Lounge + CBGB
Comets On Fire + Blood Lines @ Vox Populi
Scott Foust + Sapat + Spectre Folk @ Lucky Cat
DJ Andy Bolus @ "Galactic Fever"
Magik Markers + Dinosaur Jr @ Summerstage
P.G. Six @ Tonic
Chain Gang @ CBGB
ZZ Top @ the Beacon Theatre
Warmer Milks + Iovae + Arizona Drains + Sapat @ Memorial Hall Amphitheatre
Nautical Almanac @ the 804noise fest
Dave Cloud and The Gospel of Power in Derek & Angela's basement
Awesome Color @ Cake Shop + Mountains of Matallama @ Church of Roche, the same night
the John Duncan installation @ Diapason Gallery (not quite live, but still...)

jason martin | wolf man, earl of troy
kip from tv on the radio/broken projectors/ty braxton
magic markers
devendra banhart and hairy fairies
the kids on the corner playing out of a van in tuscon az
ms money money and theresa columbus
bamm bamm
dan deacon dance party freakout
gogol bordello
sunburned hand of the man

Scott Valkwitch | Caustic Solution, Buffalo
1) Brotzmann Tentet @ Historical Society, Buffalo
2) Magik Markers/Sunburned Hand of the Man @Soundlab, Buffalo
3) Jackie O Motherfucker @ Soundlab
4) 16 Bitch Pile Up @ Kitchen Distribution, Buffalo
5) Tony Conrad/Son Of Earth/Eyes & Arms of Smoke/ Pengo w/ Spencer Yeh/MV & EE Bummer Road @ "Lets AllMake Love in Buffalo", Soundlab
6) Black Dice, Wolf Eyes, Et Sans @ Mohawk Place, Buffalo
7) Wolf Eyes @ A/V Space, Rochester
8) Sir Richard Bishop @ A/V Space, Rochester
9) Corsano Baczkowski duo @ Soundlab
10) Animal Collective @ Soundlab

James Squeaky | Argumentix/SincereBrutality
Gang Wizard, Mikaela's Fiend, Hustler White, Inca Ore - epic Portland basement show with epic three sheets to the wind celebration.
Wooden Octopus Skull Festival (seattle) - pretty much all amazing, but highlights: Hans Grusel Krankenkabinet, Emil Beaulieau, Rubber O Cement, Aaron Dilloway, Tarantism, Caroliner, Sixes, Noggin
Fe-Mail - (Berbati's, Portland).
Child Pornography, Business Lady, Sex with Girls - Riverside, CA house show. Not sure if it's allowed because I played, but I enjoyed the other bands more than my own performance that night and had a nice party time down so ok.
Jyrk Showcase (Bonus, Inca Ore/Karl Axolotl, God, Yellow Swans) - portland dunes... just last week, but totally epic and amazing and old friends together again.
Kastration - portland foodhole. ai yi yi. Uh.. .Bastard Noise meets Chrome? I dunno. Psychotic.
Dead/Bird, Yuma Nora, - Portland Hotel. Epic set of Dead/Bird with dense curtains of cascading noise leading to subsequent rocking out with huge rack sequencer.
Mark Burden, Inca Ore, Sex with Girls last show - Holocene Portland... Mark Burden aka Silentist doing a more dub set with wonderful singing styles. Great performer.
Dinosaur Jr - Crystal Ballroom Portland... nostalgia. nostalgia. nostalgia.
Nine Inch Nails - huge place with the dome. nostalgia nostalgia nostalgia.
Smegma - anytime, anywhere. probably saw them 8 times this year.
Argumenitx/Brian Miller collab - in my practice space.

Pete Toalson | The Empty Bottle
Here you are, in order:
1) Six Organs of Admittance (3.8.05, Empty Bottle)
2) Roots Manuva (5.3.05, Empty Bottle) *
3) Boredoms (5.21.05, Logan Square Auditorium)
4) Sam Rivers (6.18.05, Empty Bottle)
5) Magik Markers (8.20.05, Subterranean)
6) Lichens (9.03.05, Bla)
7) Hive Mind (9.7.05, Empty Bottle)
8) Seu Jorge (9.20.05, Empty Bottle)
9) Akron / Family (9.22.05, Empty Bottle)
10)Konono No1 (11.11.05, Logan Square Auditorium)
* And the winner is: Manuva survived a power transformer failure by asking the crowd for a beatboxer, then brought one up and freestyled the rest of the set without working power. Amazing.

ron schneiderman | spirit of orr, sunburned, new jersey ex patriot
here's ten that come to mind readily and indelibly.
there's plenty more that will surface after writing these of course.
1 wilder cats benefit, hampshire red barn
wall to wall, and everything and everyone in the middle.
2 dredd with paul & val, carhole.
heavy, warm, and numb, and the last at the carhole.
3 magik markers, fall brawl tour
every GD night. another story destroyed, and then beautifully retold.
4 michael flower band, usa tour
i checked his sleeves, the magic is real. believe it.
5 joshua burkett, europe tour
courage, strength, patience. you cannot fool me.
6 bummer road, common ground brattleboro
massive HI on the spaced out-o-meter.
7 magik markers with robin sweetapple, (same show as 6)
no one but ambrogio could or would make it happen. that's why it's called genius.
8 sapat, loft in brattleboro
talk about bringing the party....
9 the believers, eagles nest & late night
and always always always.
10 indoor lord of the flies, south philly athenaeum
should have studied more anthropology.

Tony Rettman | Head Coach for Magik Markers
1)Magik Markers @ free103point9 space Brooklyn, NY 1/18/05
2)Hive Mind @ Siberia's NYC 3/16/05
3)Watersports @ Tonic NYC 6/24/05
4)Gary Higgins @ Tonic NYC sometime in early July?
5)Dinosaur Jr. @ Summer Stage NYC 7/14/05
6)Scott Foust/Spectre Folk (S.F.=the best last 10 minutes of a set EVER!!!) @ Lucky Cat Brooklyn 8/13/05
7)Suntnama/Michael Chapman/Mighty Flashlight @ Tonic NYC 11/11/05
8)Lights @ Glass House Brooklyn 10/2/05
9)Axoltol @ The Happy White People College Northhampton, Ma. 2/12/05
10)The Germs @ The Continental NYC 12/10/05

Marc Masters | word generator
1) Mouthus @ 611 Florida Ave., Washington DC
2) Double Leopards @ Black Cat / Noise Against Fascism, WDC
3) Sir Richard Bishop @ 611 Florida Ave, WDC
4) Excepter @ Cake Shop, NYC
5) Kites @ DC9, WDC
6) Nautical Almanac @ DC9, WDC
7) Lau Nau @ someone's house in Philadephia PA
8) Gang Gang Dance @ Ottobar, Baltimore MD
9) Fursaxa @ 611 Florida Ave, WDC
10) Easy Action @ Warehouse Next Door, WDC

Rey Diego
My Top Ten Live Performances of 2005:
1) No Neck Blues Band - Santa Cruz, Ca. - Dec. 2005 - others just gotta recognize, NNCK simply devastated. Masters of the Universe, Live and Direct.
2) Double Leopards - Oakland, Ca. - March 2005 - Too real to feel. Brought the jams and cold rocked it.
3) Sunburned Hand Of The Man/ Magik Markers/ Comets On Fire - Santa Cruz, Ca. - August 2005 - For $3, and ($1 Pabst) a buck a band, too much!
4) Circle - Arthurfest, Los Angeles, Ca. - September 2005 - Just like this dude Aron I know said, "it was like seeing Can or something like that"
5) Boredoms - San Francisco, Ca. - April 2005 - Had to go solo, which turned out pretty awesome, a cosmic experience and more weed for me.
6) Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice - Santa Cruz, Ca. - June 2005 - Kicked out the jams on a warm evening with a full moon, summer dazing...
7) Brightblack Morninglight - Arthurfest, Los Angeles, Ca. - September 2005 - Blissful bombs for the city of angels.
8) Jack Rose - house party/Santa Cruz, Ca. - September 2005 - Kicking the knowledge and mesmerizing. And a very cool being as well.
9) Nine Inch Nails - Santa Cruz, Ca. - Dec. 2005 - I know, I know, but it was fun to see a sober Trent Reznor with renewed vigor.
10) Blood and Fire Soundsystem ( w/ Ranking Joe) - Santa Cruz, Ca. - March 2005 - Niceness with the Ruffness. Too cool.

Byron Coley | Yod God, Arthur, WIRE
1. wolf eyes/braxton at victoriaville
2. no neck blues band at victoriaville
3. hud coley solo recorder recital at tk gallery
4. pg six at hampshire college
5. six organs at hamsphire college
6. arthurfest
7. corsano farewell fever performance at the bookmill
8. christina carter/gown in backroom of yod space
9. b.o.b. jam #2 in the attic of apostacy house
10. dredd foole at various bbq restaurants

matt valentine | MV + EE, Bummer Road, Child of Microtones
12 of swords:
kousokuya - stirling, UK
andy clausen - easthampton, MA
tony conrad - buffalo, NY
jack rose - montague, MA
brotzmann/waits - amherst, MA
christina carter - florence, MA
flaherty/corsano/yeh - northampton, MA
magik markers - brattleboro, VT
joshua burkett - montague, MA
mazzacane/licht - nyc
double leopards - easthampton, MA
visitations - portland, ME

Brian Mckelligott
all shows were in NOLA
Ray Bong and Whale Watcher @ the Dragon's Den
Frozen Head at 3036 N. Rampart st.
Coughs at Really
Uke of Phillips @ nowemisto
Dummy Dumpster @ Really
Dreamhouse @ Really (post-show bus paint job)
Impractical Cockpit - Banks St. Warehouse
Crooks and Nannies at the Hi-Ho Lounge
the Residents cover band @ 24hour Residents party
the Experimental People band "vegetables" show at Really
also Jimmy Cousins,*Gang Wizzard, Beware the Blunted Needle, Big Bird, Cy-Clyde, Krewe de Eris brass band, Kites, *USAisaMonster
acid outhouse, dogs, witchy poo, jambox pyramid guerilla mc, and an accapello noise guy who was actually good
Begin forwarded message:

1. Gang of Four - Earth Link Live - Atlanta, GA
2. Sonic Youth - Earth Link Live - Atlanta, GA
3. Nine Inch Nails - Tabernacle - Atlanta, GA
4. Richard Devine - 40 Watt - Athens, GA
5. Fantomas - 40 Watt - Athens, GA
6. Otto Von Schirach - MJQ - Atlanta, GA
7. Evol Intent - The Mark - Atlanta, GA
8. REM - Ryman Auditorium - Nashville, TN
9. Mayhem - The Mark - Atlanta, GA
10. Tech Itch - The Mark - Atlanta, GA

Carlo Steegen | Audiobot
Watain @ Tyrants Festival - Rotterdam
Control @ Destruction Alpha - Amsterdam
Wolf Eyes across the European wastelands
Prurient / Emil Beaulieau / Grunt / Sutcliffe Jugend @ Hinoeuma - London
Rubber O Cement @ Freaks End Future - Antwerp
Sudden Infant @ Death Petrol - Antwerp
Raionbashi @ Six Intermissions In Seven Acts - London
Tantrum Thorazin @ Knuffel Rottex Expo - Brussels
Jessica Rylan @ Freaks End Future - Antwerp
John Wiese @ CC Luchtbal - Antwerp

shane mackenzie | party manimal roots records delaware farm hand
bloody minded behind the green door detroit
dilloway farm in delaware ohio
dead machines cafe burbon st. columbus ohio
flahery corsano acme art co. columbus ohio
burning graveyards farm in delaware ohio
zac davis solo guitar [ blaze fire! ] acme art co.
sizzla alrosa villa [ rip. dimebag ] columbus
cocoa tea alrosa villa columbus
comets on fire w/ spencer wexner columbus
wolf eyes behind the green door detroit
bob forward | Own The Whole World
Mike Watt & The Secondmen/Vin Fiz Tempe AZ
Wolf Eyes/Prurient/Brainkiller Phoenix AZ

Ed Whitman
Wolf Eyes - SF
Sunn O))) - SF
Sunburned Hand/ Magik Markers- Sacramento, CA
Carlos Giffoni/ Metalux- Sacramento, CA
Nels Cline- Oakland
Jackie- O Motherfucker- SF
Tom Carter- Sacramento, CA
Yellow Swans- Sacramento, CA
Comets on Fire- twice SF
Smegma- SF

Adam Richards | Buffalo
Ornette Coleman in Toronto
Sunburned Hand of the Man/Magik Markers/Caustic Solution
Tonite Let's All Make Love in Buffalo Festival
Corsano-Baczkowski duo/PG Six & Paul LaBrecque
WOLF EYES (Rochester and Buffalo)
Pengo/Burning Star Core/Caustic Solution
Two Nights of the Peter Brotzmann Tentet
Animal Collective
Six Organs Of Admittance/Hush Arbors/Warmer Milks

Jim Vreeland | regular dude
1) Lightning Bolt at South Philly Athenaeum (RIP)
2) Prurient  Philadelphia
3) Double Leopards - 35 Plum, New Brunswick
4) Vampire Belt - 35 Plum, New Brunswick
5) Flaherty/Corsano  Philadelphia
6) Magik Markers  Wilder Cats benefit
7) Dino Jr  Central Park
8) Jandek/Corsano/Heyner  Brooklyn
9) Under the tarp at No Fun  who was that?
10) Sunburned Hand of the Man - AS220 fest

Best musical experience ever - jams w/ Danielle.

Jon Whitney |
A Hawk and a Hacksaw
Major Stars
Melt Banana
Diamanda Galas
Antony and the Johnsons

johnny volcano |
1 Magik markers - ATP/Camber sands
2 Magik Markers - Engine Rooms/Brighton
3 Magik Markers - Bardens Boudoir/London
4 Perfect Partner - Kim Gordon/Jim O'rourke/Thurston Moore//Ikue Mori/Tim Barnes/DJ Olive - The Barbican/London
5 Christina Carter/Heather Leigh Murray - South London Gallery/London
6 Vincent Gallo - Koko/London
7 Lydia Lunch - ATP/Camber Sands
8 Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - The Forum/London
9 Afrirampo - ATP/Camber Sands
10 Yoko Ono - ATP/Camber Sands

Bruce Siart |
1. Lou Barlow - Iron Horse - Northampton 10/12
2. Robyn Hitchcock - Iron Horse - Northampton 3/28
3. Dinosaur Jr - Avalon - Boston 7/15
4. Angry Johnny & the Killbillies - Ralph's - Worcester 7/22
5. the Nethers / Count Westwest / "We Jam Econo" screening - the Shed - Palmer - 10/1
um... that's all the shows I went to...

Scott Allison | DC
In no order...
Juice Box@Tarantula Hill - MD
Nautical Almanac@611 - DC
I.S.O.@Japan Society - NYC
16 Bitch Pile Up@Black Cat - DC
Little Howlin' Wolf@WND - DC
Valerie Allen@free103point9 Wave Farm - NY
HZMT@Tarantula Hill - MD
Mouth of Leaves@611 - DC
Weedeater@WND - DC
Double Leopards@611 - DC

Drew Sherrick | Logan, OH - Men of Gentle Birth
-Kid Panda Hands/Leslie Keffer/Dinner of Swords/Weed Ghost - Arts West, Athens,OH
-Deerhoof - Union Park, Chicago,IL
-Aaron Dilloway/Dead Machines/C. Spencer Yeh/Keffer/Lamb's Bread/Cup Tent- MegaFauna Farm, Delaware, OH
-Eyes and Arms of Smoke - a basement, Columbus,OH
-Comets On Fire/Burning Star Core/16 Bitch Pile-Up - Wexner Center, Columbus, OH
-Wolf Eyes - Wexner Center, Columbus,OH
-Laundryroom Squelchers/Hive Mind/Workbench/Sword Heaven/16 Bitch Pile-Up - Cafe Bourbon St. Columbus, OH
-Mt Gigantic/Kickball, Casa Cantina, Athens, OH
-We March - The Union, Athens, OH
-Untamed Pony/Nark Unit - Every fucking show I saw either of em at, Athens, OH

Jason Croke | Toronto
1. Rolling Stones - Sky dome - Too many great songs to not give the number one nod
2 Dino Jr. - Phoenix - Loud as Fuck
3. Pixies - Amphitheater - They are the best
4. Sinead O'Connor - Throwin' down reggae vibes.... Priceless
5. Allman Brothers - Killer Hippies
6. Damian Marley - Weed is the religion.... Crazy amount of smoke.
7. Depeche Mode - Everything counts in large amounts......
I stop everything at 7.

Jeff Knoch | Urdog plus half-baked/assed solo-project, Eyes Like Saucers (Coming Soon)
i pretty much like maybe 5 things in this wretched stinking craphole of a world, but these shows were quite entertaining (in no particular order):
- magick markers - kraak fest, belgium
- sir richard bishop - as220, providence
- boris - somewhere in berlin
- steamboat switzerland - rotterdam, nederlands (everything e.l.p. never were)
- the 'manager' of dead meadows - somewhere in ohio
- circle - baltimore, one song most especially
- sunburned hand... - as220 fest
- nico - paris '76 (it was maybe 30 years ago, but i got the tape on 30/12/05)
- i played a big pipe organ in front of a bunch of people, maybe it wasn't great but i enjoyed it am i near 10 yet?

Zack Lazar | Black Helicopter
The dates are hazy so I didn't note them here. Quite possible a couple were from '04.
Harvey Milk-Tonic, NYC
High On Fire-Living Room, Providence RI
Sonic Youth-La Oveja Negra, Queens NY
blacktail-any and all shows anywhere, ever.
Anal Cunt/Eyehategod-Great Scott, Allston MA (First show after Seth Putnam's kickass coma)
Slayer-Augusta Civic Arena, Augusta ME
Easy Action, Allston MA, NYC, Providence (finest current rock band, period)
Mission of Burma-Bowery Ballroom NYC
Young Sexy Assassins/Boo Radley-Midway JP MA (as well as a Neptune/Boo Radley show that may have been at the same venue
Adolf Satan-Middle East, Cambridge MA
Cheater Slicks-Middle East, Cambridge MA

jelle crama | dramarama, death petrol
de bruisende paal - girls palace, antwerp
tantrum thorazin - rottex brussels
wolf eyes - kunstencentrum BELGIE, hasselt
can't - freaks end future, antwerp
corsano & flaherty - hasselt
brotzman & vandermark & gustavson - hasselt
nautical almanac - rotterdam (nl) + belgium > brussels/ghent/antwerp/tienen
jandek - hasselt
orphan fairytale - live in de living, tienen
chimuser - 3 sec live set, fef antwerp
carlo steegen - freaks end future, antwerp
dennis tyfus radio show

Danny Denata | greySkull
dan from grey skull's top ten (in order), but excluding the stuff in george's list
1. Dino Jr. at Pearl St (dreams come true)
1. the return of Bengeorge7 to the flywheel in the spring
2. Burmese at Flywheel
3. xbxrx twice in a day (shed and flywheel)
4. offal/schurt kwitters at schoolhouse
5. everytime i saw bromp treb
6. lightning bolt at the flywheel (i thought i was really gonna die from lack of oxygen)
7. Fat Worm of Error at hampshire in the cafeteria
8. Vampire Belt on new years eve
9. Secret Hippies at flywheel
10. Every lazy magnet performance, even the ones i didn't see
(honorable mentions: noise nomads/belltone suicide collab, d. yellow swans/16 bitch collab, moscow mule, bunny brains at hampshire, Heathen shame at eagles club, etc.....wmass hardcore!)

Neeeeeeeeel! | Fat Worm of Error, Yeay! Cassettes
CUDAMANI - rare show by balinese gamelan/dance/theater perfomancecollective at Harvard, April... the crew, ranging ages 4-80, droppedsome serious puppetage, dance, & sick poly-arrangements - newschool,oldschool, fake "day-in-the-life-of-our-village" type theater completewith extended-technique gong-play in the cockfight scene. . .PERFECT.

FE-MAIL @ Hampshire College - Sept.. i ran sound, w/ our new system,with SUBS - those gurls brought the BROWN-tones... rich, varied,squawg, thug, ruggle, bloof, & crag - shit got real intense - vibrating my organs - so much so, that i had to step-out for a minute,but i jumped back in, heart-thumping, & once i calmed down, i waschanged & duly psyched to have been 'at the man-trols' as dey sey.

LIGHTINGBOLT @ Flywheel, august - since 1998 i've been meaning to see& missed everytime, only to finally smoosh into the skankiest,sweatiest, most unhealthy, oxygen-deprived music experience ever - ilost braincells!

SAPAT - flywheel, this summer. . . a spiky bubblin' louisvillefonkee-throwdown complete with a rosenblum tambourine moment. howbetter does it get.

nobody mentined this one, but VAMPIRE BELT, schoolhouse, newyear's eve- they killed 2004 & conjured a new utopia in 2005 with a drunkenbroken casio dubby breakdown that thudded & pudded a new lows intardo-tronics. . .

lastly i will mention JACOB BERENDES' short set in Worcester, hmm, wasit 2005? i don't rememeber -anyway- laptop, shitty mic in the bell ofhis sax, some fucked rewired toykeyboard drummachine all thru a 6 inchGorrilla amp in the echoey orafice of the Abbie Hoffman Hall at theWAG - his shit was pure magic - piffting sputter'd polka-beatscranking splurty sax creaks hyper huffing nuggets of Getatchew Mekurya/ Alemayehu Eshete ethio-soul thru a maxMSP-type patch on the laptopauto-processed & regurgitated back reverse karate edits - if thatwasn't enough, he twitched electro-fabulous a james chance dance thatcould've chipped a toof on the mouthpiece or worse.

i think i spaced out most 2005.

Daren Ho | Raccoo-oo-oon
Dead Machines, Hair Police, Right Arm Severed, Bloody Minded, and Panicsville @ The Orphanage, Chicago
Sword Heaven, Carlos @ the Hall Mall, Iowa City
Nautical Almanac, the USAISAMONSTER, Kites, Raccoo-oo-oon, and Dan Friel @ Gabe's, Iowa City
Japanther, The Tanks, and Puffy Taco @ Shawn's in Iowa City
DMBQ @ Gabe's, Iowa City
Wives, Business Lady, The Tanks @ Shawn's, Iowa City
Sword Heaven, Tusco Terror, Clan of the Cave Bear @ Tusco Terror House, Akron, OH
Potato, Juiceboxxx, Airbrains, Musicboxxx, Frankie Martin, Raccoo-oo-oon @ Jacob Paperrad's art studio @ University of Carnegie Melon, Pittsburgh, PA
Men Who Can't Love, Juiceboxxx, Airbrains, Musicboxxx, Frankie Martin, + More @ Tarantula Hill, Baltimore, Maryland.
Mika Miko, Nightmerica, Ironing, The Good Good, Dan Friel + More @ Woodser, Brooklyn, NY

Iain Peebles
In approximate order...
+Dream Aktion Unit - Le Weekend Festival, Stirling
+Need New Body/Dragon or Emperor - The Looking Glass, Leicester
+Dredd Foole and the Din - Le Weekend Festival, Stirling
+Melt Banana - Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff
+Suishou No Fune - Le Weekend Festival, Stirling
+Fursaxa/Sharon Krauss - Buffalo Bar, Cardiff
+Nalle - Pickled Egg Showcase Night, The Phoenix, Leicester
+Mochizuki Harutaka - Le Weekend Festival, Stirling
+Usaisamonster/DJ Scotch Egg - Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff
+Smog/Currituck Co. - The Music Cafe, Leicester
I could have probably put everything at Le Weekend in the list but I wanted to give someone eles a chance. Needless to say Wally Shoup, Corsano/Flaherty, MV/EE, Kousokuya, Mirror/Dash and Otomo Yoshihides New Jazz Orchestra probably would have made up the rest of my top ten if I wasn't compiling this list with some sort of balance. Also, honourable mentions to Davendra Banhart, Mike Watt, Josephine Foster and Espers.

Coach Fingers
1) Michael Fucking Chapman goddamit!
2) Might Baby "Live in the Attic"
3) Bob Dylan Wahconah Park Pittsfield, MA - June 23rd 2005
4) Live Yardbirds feat. Jimmy Page
5) Bob Dylan "Maggies Farm" - No Direction Home Bootleg Series Vol 7
6) JJ Cale - In Session at the Paradise Studios 1979
7) The Band "Academy of Outtakes"
8) George Harrison "Wah Wah" - Beware of ABKCO!
9) Richard & Linda Thompson "Calvary Cross" - Richard Thompson Live (More or Less)
10) Townes van Zandt "Waiting Around to Die" - Heartworn Highways

Randylee sutherland | stereomotherfuckers vholtz crw
1.newyears eve black flag cover band so great! Ask weasel
Walter SF
2.NO DOCTORS-outdoors and in flames, woodland ca,thanks dj rick
3.sightings-at grandma's house, the evil of their sound made me crazy!
4.Rantonio gig at Low gallery SF
5.John Oakland and crew at the Stork Oakland ca.
6.core of the coalman- AT THE bAKERY in Oakland,ca.
7.Control R show with old friends at Sixes Palace,Oakland ca.
8.vholtz goodbye gig for Nick at grandma's house,thanks eva,george,rob
9.dr.fireworks live every Sunday at the RC gone and forgotten whateverz
10.Gris Gris-at their release party/battleship everyshow this year
COUGHS-at the smell LA.amazing so raw and dark or dork
chen santa maria for Kentucy Waterfall in sf

Chris Liberato, | A Whale of a Label, Aboveground Records (Martha's Vineyard,MA)
Paul Metzger at Aboveground Records, Edgartown MA
Coyote at Wickermania, North Amherst MA
Cul de Sac performs 'Faust' at The Katherine Cornell Theater Vineyard Haven MA
Milo Jones in Davis, CA
Matthew DeGennaro at The Katherine Cornell Theater Vineyard Haven MA
Sunn O))) + Hidden Hand + Om at The Independent San Francisco CA
MV/EE + The Bummer Road at Aboveground Records Edgartown, MA
The Chris Brokaw Rock Band at Offshore Ale Oak Bluffs MA
Jandek at Issue project room Brooklyn NY
Alasdair Roberts at Aboveground Records Edgartown MA
Greg Davis/ Keith Fullerton Whitman / Bird Show at
Aboveground Records, Edgartown MA

meg clixby | duck/polly shang kuan band
in approximate chronological order with a couple extra for some added spice:
*lungfish @ tt the bears, boston MA
*lungfish @ as220, providence RI
*vampire belt w/ t. moore @ schoolhouse, hadley MA
*heathen shame @ no fun fest, brooklyn NY
*afrirampo @ flywheel, easthampton MA
*college girls gone wild w/ d. foole and e.e./the skaters @ apollo grill, easthampton MA
*the GZA @ pearl st, northampton MA
*flaherty/corsano @ farewell show, the bookmill, montague MA
*d yellow swans @ flywheel, easthampton MA
*16 bitch/dream action @ the hook, brooklyn NY
*magik markers @ dining commons, hampshire college, amherst MA
*anna klein @ krefting's birthday, gallery tk, northampton MA

Karl Bauer | Axolotl
-Mouthus at Free 103.9 in Brooklyn, February and then again in March at Tonevendor in Sacramento
-Magik Markers at Bottom of the Hill in SF
-Sunburned Hand of the Man the night prior in Oakland, Stork Club, much praise due to the Drifter and his 20 minute plus freestyle after the show was "over"
-Animal Collective at the Great American, still the best band on earth
-NNCK at the Botom of the Hill and CCA, SF, on tour and on fire
-Spires That in the Sunset Rise, Rob Reger's backyard, Berkely
-Sightings at Grandma's House, Oakland
-Konono #1 at the Palace of Fine Arts. SF
-Ricardo Villalobos at RX Gallery
-The Skaters, in the other room all year long

Scott Goodwin | Bonus, Gallery 1412
No order is nice:
Kaz Nomura "10,000 CD-R Burning Show" at Wall of Sound Seattle, WA
Iron Lung w/ Withdrawl Method collab at the Vera Project Seattle, WA
Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice, Skygreen Leopards, Castanets at Gallery 1412 Seattle, WA
Jyrk Jamboree w/ Yellow Swans, GOD, Axolotl-Inca Ore & Foque Mopus at various points in Free Cascadia
WOODEN OCTOPUS SKULL PFEST w/ Caroliner, Gerrit, Sixes, Wiese, Noggin, Metalux, Climax Golden Twins, PDXBE, etc in Seattle, WA
Double Leopards, Axolotl-Skaters, Mouthus, Parts & Labor at SIXES's Den Oakland, CA
Gregory Reynolds solo at the Gallery 1412 Seattle, WA
Get Hustle, Indian Jewelery, Murderous Copulation of Birds at the SS Marie Antoinette Seattle, WA
Eric and Ian Ostrowski at the Smell Los Angeles, CA
Xiu Xiu and Dead Science at the Paradox Seattle, WA

martin scheugl
Maryanne Amacher at Volksbuhne, Berlin
Gang Gang Dance at Volksbuhne, Berlin
Phill Niblock and Thomas Ankersmit solo, and Gert-Jan Prins/Thomas
Ankersmit/Giuseppe Ielasi at Podewil, Berlin
Radian at Bastard, Berlin
Kevin Drumm solo at Music Genera fest in Stettin Poland
Charlemagne Palestine solo at Nourbaksh Gallery in Berlin

Fernando Diaz | Department of Computer Science, UMASS Amherst
Eleven Months in the Valley:
January: Vampire Belt NYE,etc @ Schoolhouse
February: Double Leopards, Mouthus, Excepter, Axolotl, bathTIME @ Hampshire, Tony Conrad @ Hampshire,
March: Corsano/Flaherty/Yeh Trio w/ Dead Machines, Hair Police, Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice @ Eagle's Nest, College Girls Gone Wild (Matt Valentine, Erika Elder, Dredd Foole, Thurston Moore) + Decaer Pinga @ Bookmill
April: Bunnybrains, Fat Worm of Error, Grey Skull @ Hampshire
June: Laundry Room Squelchers / Xela Zaid / Leslie Keffer @ Flywheel
July: Double Leopards, The Skaters, Duck @ Apollo
August: Smog, Feathers @ Iron Horse
September: Deerhoof, Fat Worm of Error, Laudible Pus @ Pearl Street, Magik Markers, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Believers @ Eagle's Nest, MVEE @ Hungry Ghost
October: Dyrdin @ Elevens, McPhee/Flaherty/Corsano @ Bookmill, Nautical Almanac, Doo Man Group, Religious Knives, x.0.4, Gown with "Mirror" Moore + Pete Nolan @Apollo, Vampire Belt, Fat Worm of Error, Magick Markers, Grey Skull @Hampshire
November: Believers, Giffoni, Awesome Color, Heathen Shame @ Eagle's Nest
December: PG Six, Micah Blue Smaldone, Cerberus Shoal @ Bookmill

Jessica Rylan | Can't
Pedestrian Deposit covering Cat Power at Behind the Green Door, Detroit
Hush Arbors at Wedge Gallery, Asheville
Chocolat Billy in a red brick cave in Bordeaux
Bloodyminded and Wooden Wand at No Fun, Brooklyn
Graveyards' 2 minutes of silence at PA's Lounge, Boston
Prurient at Chillingham Arms, Newcastle
Gowns and Amps for Christ at Midway Cafe, Boston
Charalambides at Eyedrum, Atlanta

Elisa Ambrogio | Majique Markairs
1)Smegma at the Kraak Festival, Belgium
2)Six Organs at Arthur Fest
2)Water Sports, Tonic, NYC
3)Mick Flower, solo, Austin, Texas
4)Urdog at the Kraak Festival, Belgium
5)Trad Gras Och Stenar, Kraak Festival, Belgium
6)Heathen Shame, No Fun Fest 2005
7)Jessica Rylan, Live in Asheville
8)Sunburned Hand of the Man live in Missoula, Montana
8)No Neck Blues Band, Live in Asheville
9)Spires in the Sunset Rise w/ Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice, Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL
10)James Chance and the Contortions, The Garage, London
10)The Believers, Strange Maine, Portland Maine/Halloween Show, Boston MA/Eagles Nest, Northampton MA

Ten More:
1)Pearls and Brass, The Hideout, Chicago
2)Carly Ptak, solo, Empty Bottle, Chicago
3)The Skaters, San Francisco
4)Tony Rettman pushing the bass player from a band I don't remember, NYC
5)The Vanishing Voice at NYU
6)Phil Franklin and Robert Thomas playing "To Live is to Fly" in Phil's living room, upstate New York
7)Dinosaur Jr. at Central Park
8)Josh Burkett live at Mystery Train
9)Alone in a Crowd, every show- wait, was this past year 1989?
10)Suntanama, Tonic NYC

Matthew Wascovich |, a real knife head
1) daniel higgs poetry, chuck bettis trio, at
knitting factory, ny
2) flaherty & corsano - at pat's in the flats,cleveland, oh
3) growing - at arthurfest, la, ca
4) sunburned hand of man, at arthurfest, la, ca
5) gang gang dance - in ohio, california, new york
6) hurrah, at eat records, brooklyn, ny
7) tyondai braxton - mulitple u.s. dates
8) bloodyminded & gays in the military, at big horse, chicago, il
9) trebville exhange, metalux, dan friel, growing -
at flight of the buffalo, brooklyn, ny
10) devendra banhart & hairy fairy - at fine line, mineapolis, mn

Todd P |
1) DMBQ / Lightning Bolt @ Club Exit - Greenpoint, Brooklyn
2) Soldiers of Fortune / Growing @ Narchitect Castle - Williamsburg, Brooklyn
3) Lucky Dragons @ Asterisk Art Project - East Williamsburg Industrial
Park, Brooklyn
4) Japanther / Old Time Relijun @ Tecate Mexican Pool Hall - Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
5) Quintron / Aa / Rah Bras @ High Five - East Williamsburg Industrial
Park, Brooklyn
6) Growing / Metalux @ Flight of the Buffalo - East Williamsburg
Industrial Park, Brooklyn
7) Telepathe / Necking @ Glasshouse - Williamsburg, Brooklyn
8) Thanksgiving / the Good Good acoustic @ 20 Jay St, 11th Floor -
DUMBO, Brooklyn
9) the Good Good acoustic @ Cinders Gallery - Williamsburg, Brooklyn
10) Black Lips / Nightmerica @ Llano Estacado - Williamsburg, Brooklyn

dennis tyfus | ultra eczema
1) jessica rylan at the knitting factory in new york
2) wolf eyes at zaal belgiOE in hasselt / belgium
3) emil beauliau at the knitting factory in new york
4) lightning bolt at this cold huge warehouse in providence
5) the locust at het paard van troje in den haag / holland
6) spencer yeh and peter kolovos at jeremy harris and kites' house in providence
7) dead machines, wooden want and hair police in a basement in boston
8) nautical almanak at scheldapen in antwerp/belgium
9) felix kubin at scheldapen in antwerp/belgium
10) diskoster at freaks end future recordstore in antwerp/belgium

Chris Gray | double leopards/endless boogie
who needs order?
16 bitch pile d.c.
graveyards/yeh/religious knives.ort brooklyn
hive mind.siberia's nyc
madlib.irving plaza nyc
skaters.athunaeum phil city
magic markers.continental nyc fun brooklyn fun brooklyn
ghostface.roseland nyc
mark morgan.tommy's brooklyn
i could go on...

Mike Shiflet | Gameboy Records
1) Birchville Cat Motel - Casa Gameboy, Columbus -January 5
2) Joanna Newsom - Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus - March 5
3) Dead Machines (as Violent Ramp - Little Brothers, Columbus - March 14
4) Damion Romero - No Fun Fest, The Hook, Brookyln - March 20
5) Fe-Mail - No Fun Fest, The Hook, Brookyln - March 20
6) Nedelle - Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland - May 11
7) Michael Johnson - Modern Formations, Pittsburgh - May 23
8) Comets on Fire - Uncle Pleasant's, Louisville - June 15
9) Hive Mind - Cafe Bourbon Street, Columbus - June 26
10) Withdrawal Method - Baltic Room, Seattle - July 31

Mike Connelly | Hair Police, Wolf eyes, Gods of Tundra
1. Macronympha at No Fun--One of the many highlights of this year was seeing and meeting my all time favorite noise band ever. Fuck what anyone says, this set was perfect in every way.
2. Damien Romero at No Fun--if you were there, you know why. It was so loud you could acutally move the sound with your hands. Literally mindnumbing.
3. Graveyards at Raven Pit, day after Thanksgiving, Ypsi..Spencer was in on this one too... an absolutely flawless set of pure sound.
4. Prurient in Philly, sept..aka, the gig He became a Man. Slow, patient, sinster, sickening, no freaking out, no flying into the crowd..just total terror.
5. Rusted Shut at Proletariat, Houston. It was still light out! Everytime they touch or dont touch an instrument, Rusted Shut redefine what it means to be a band. Does is mean you are a band if the guitarist spends 15 minutes--during a song--trying to figure out how to plug his guitar in? To Rusted Shut, it does.
6. Paul Flaherty/Chris Corsano/C.Spencer Yeh/John Olson at Bottom of the Hill, SF in Oct..basically i thought about just quitting music right there as you can imagine.
7. Bauhaus in Royal Oak, MI...dub band through nyquil haze. no theatrics. amazing
8. Double Leopards in Glasgow...the ladies were up and stalking all around the stage, doing these sick vocals tones..frightening
9. Manowar in Cleveland, House of Blues...fuck, it was Manowar. I finally saw Manowar.

C. Spencer Yeh | Edition Inkjet
- Greg Kelley on saxophone w/ Destruction Unit @ PA's Lounge, Boston MA
- Mazen Kerbaj on trumpet w/ various @ High Zero festival, Baltimore MD
- Michael Ehlers on harmonica w/ MV/EE&Bummer Road @ Soundlab, Buffalo NY
- Nihilist Assault Group, Fe-Mail, Romero, Hair Police, Double Leopards @ No Fun Fest 2005, Brooklyn NY
- Mavis Concave/Robert Inhuman (intense brother tie) @ anywhere, Cincinnati OH (esp. Brutal Cincinnati fest, and Contemporary Arts Center respectively)
- Jessica Rylan/Three Legged Race collab @ Charles Mansion, Lexington KY
- Wolf Eyes @ Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus OH
- Michael Johnsen @ Modern Formations, Pittsburgh PA
- Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings @ Southgate House, Newport KY
- Sixteen Bitch Pile-Up/IOVAE collab, Master Mind, Lightning Bolt @ Southgate House, Newport KY

Robert Beatty | Three Legged Race/Hair Police/Eyes and Arms of Smoke/Burning Star Core
-Michael Johnsen- Modern Formations, Pittsburgh, PA- Do not miss a chance to see this man. The best solo live electronics I have ever seen.
-Warmer Milks- anywhere, Lexington, KY- I saw them too many times to count. All of them were mind blowing or at the very least made me smile and/or scratch my head.
-Jack Wright/Michel Doneda/Tatsuya Nakatani Trio- CD Central, Lexington, KY
-Sapat- Columbus, OH/Rochester, NY
-C.S. Yeh/John Fail- Casa GMBY, Columbus, OH
-Son of Earth/Tony Conrad - Soundlab, Buffalo, NY
-Wolf Eyes/Anthony Braxton- some hockey arena, Victoriaville, Canada
-Cherry Blossoms/Sir Richard Bishop- Portland Festival Building, Louisville, KY
-Watersports- Memorial Hall Amphitheater, Lexington, KY
-tie for 10th- Auk Theatre, Nautical Almanac, Comets on Fire, Growing, Major Stars, Animal Collective, Mahjongg, No Neck Blues Band, Greg Kelley, Spiral Joy Band, Dead Machines, Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice, Walter Carson, Double Leopards, Kites, Pengo, Colleen, Josephine Foster, The Thing, Hototogisu, more more more.

Heather Leigh | Taurpis Tula/Volcanic Tongue
(in no order baby!)
Prurient, Glasgow, Stereo
Double Leopards, Glasgow, Subcurrent
Jessica Rylan, Glasgow, Stereo
Hijokaidan, Glasgow, Instal
Wolf Eyes, Glasgow, Subcurrent and Mono
Hototogisu, Glasgow, Subcurrent and Stereo
Blood Stereo, Glasgow, 13th Note
Jandek trio, Newcastle, Sage
Up-Tight, Glasgow, Instal
David Keenan/Ben Reynolds duo, Glasgow, Stereo

Bonny Billy
(no order)
1) warmer milks in bloomington IN
2) baby dee in toronto canada
3) patty loveless at poppy mountain, ky
4) sir richard bishop all over
5) howling hex in chicago IL
6) dolly parton in danville KY
7) 9 bach in wales
8) the anomoanon at swarthmore, pa
9) the arboretum in notre dame, IN
10) michael chorney in burlington vt

Dr. Pauline Oliveros |
1) Francisco Lopez at UNYAZI Festival Johannesbirg, So. Africa Sept 2005

Daniel Spencer | Brisbane Australia, I'm in a band called Blank Realm
Living in Australia, not so much crazy stuff from overseas makes it out here. Folks should play out here more, people will love it. Some Highlights:
Whatismusic Festival - OOIOO, Sunn O))), Black Dice, Kevin Drumm, Sir Richard Bishop, the Dead C
Yellow Swans, Grey Daturas, 6majick9 - The Shamrock, Brisbane
Akio Suzuki - Fabrique, Brisbane

tami devine | denim dreams
1. boyz 2 men at six flags Paramus, NJ
2. Montell Jordan "this is how we do it" tour
3. apse ny, ny
4. white out (everywhere)
5. cell phone tower (holyoke, ma)
6. freedom cries (lille, france)
7. toby and the donuts ny, ny
8. christmas carollers (Cooley dickinson, ma)
9. teething babies (boston)
9. total spaz (ny)
10. Jem (LA)

John Fell Ryan | Excepter
1) White Stripes
2) Kraftwerk
3) Jandek
4) Sinead O'Connor
5) Magick Markers
6) Merle Haggard
7) The Fall
8) The Gossip
9) Yura Yura Teikoku
10) The No-Neck Blues Band

floris vanhoof
1)tony conrad & charlemagne palestine
2)smegma @kraakfest, zaal belgie, hasselt
3)fursaxa @femmesfest, zaal belgie, hasselt
4)mv+ee @insightfest, zaal belgie, hasselt
5)norma xd out, tienen
6)hototogisu @subcurrent, glasgow
7)verzuz concerten@bunker, brussel
8)virgin eye blood brothers @subcurrent glasgow
9)dinosaur jr @vooruit, gent
10)tony conrad cooking film @rotterdam filmfest

fun during wolfeyes shows in glasgow+hasselt, w/ dirk freenoise shows in holland +caroliner tourbus, tim barnes drumming, all harry smith films, jim o'rourke film, r.o.t.weekend, death petrolfest antwerpen, nautical almanac+magik markers in gent, live in de living in tienen, turning house in efteling theme park.

Drew Demeter | Since1972, Withdrawal Method
no order:
Aaron Dilloway -Wooden Octopus Fest
John Wiese -Wooden Octopus fest
Decaer Pinga/Polly Shang Kuan Band -northeast tour (van no windows)
SIXXXES -Calamitous Pat's apartment potluck, Portland OR and Baltic Room Seattle
Master Musicians of Bukkake -funhouse Seattle
Hair Police, Dead Machines, Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice, etc -Streetlevel Ypsi
Prurient -whenever
Wolf Eyes -Rochester,1st Kid Connelly appearance with ultra sick Nate solo post set mindbend+meeting
Rochester Charles
Wolf Eyes -Vancouver BC + getting interrogated/searched by US customs as Wolfs and Roach breeze
Pengo -No Fun Fest w/Yeh and J. Shithead

Chris Pottinger | Cotton Museum, Odd Clouds, Tasty Soil
not in order...
Princess Dragonmom (Noise camp 2005)
Animal Collective (Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI)
Black Dice (Magic Stick, Detroit, MI)
Aaron Dilloway (Noise Camp 2005)
Rubber o)) Cement (21 Grand, Oakland, CA)
Jamie Easter "surgery pt. 2" (Olympia, WA)
Magas ( C.A.I.D., Detroit)
Hive Mind (Chicago)
Faruq Z Bay (detroit)
Usaisamonster (detroit)

Jay Babcock
Kraftwerk at the Greek
John Fogerty at the Wiltern
Lavender Diamond at ArthurFest
Boris & Sunn o))) at The Echo
growing at ArthurFest
The Juan MacLean and Pole at the Echo
Futureheads at Amoeba Music
Six Organs of Admittance at Spaceland
Wolfmother at SXSW Arthur Showcase
Antony & the Johnsons at the Vista
Bob Dylan at Pantages
Jana Hunter at Silverlake Lounge
Afrirampo at The Smell
Thurston Moore & White/Out at Spaceland
Terry Riley at UCLA
Tarantula AD at Spaceland

Zac | Fingerprints Records, Long Beach, CA
in no order...
Arthurfest LA (esp. Merzbow, Earth, Yoko, Sunburned...)
Wolf Eyes / Prurient / Corsano-Flaherty-Yeh @ KIng King LA
Boredoms / Soft Circle @ Knitting Factory LA
Khanate @ Garage, London
Mars Volta @ Greek LA
Sunn0))) / Boris / Thrones @ Echo, LA
Thurston Moore with White Out / Dos / Cherry Point @ Spaceland LA
All Tommorrow's Parties UK (esp. Mastadon, Damo Suzuki, Weird War...)
Tony Conrad @ Getty Center LA
Jack Rose @ Che Cafe, San Diego (after cops shut down 1st spot. MMarkers &
Sunburned were too busy drinking to relocate venues?)

Brendan Allen
1) Konono No.1 at SOB's NY - lame sound dude and hippie flailing did not prevent an evening of astounding trance/hardcore/ Kinshasa pride. Its about rhythm you noise fuckerz, better git it in yr. azz.
2) Afri Rampo at the parking lot in LIC. - fighting a disease infested monkey for the last coconut! I could HEAR them applying the warpaint...bite, screech, stun.
3) Mick Barr at the Tavern in Greenpoint and the Warehouse in Washington, DC- Mick axed it slowly by candle and drum box, like seeing a fly dying in ice cream, suddenly SAVED by a tongue, then BURNT by a light bulb.
4) Meredith Monk Fest at Carnegie Hall, Yes! Carnegie Hall, WHAT?...WHAT?! - Do I give a fuck that I'm surrounded by precious rich fucks air conducting, NO! This was an amazing thank you to a woman that has been telling the story of fear, hope, shame, redemption, transcendence and COMPASSION through her language of dance and music that the minimalist effete, computer goob will never rise to.
5) Man...6 more of these? I just walked 21/2 hrs. to get home today from work! FUCK! Billionaire Bloomberg the facial taker of the RNC convention and his thug ass BITCH BOSS BUSH, the wiretapper...CAN FUCKING EAT IT! If not now when? How many more Abramoff's, Ken Lay's, DeLay's and SECRET PRISONS and DISASTROUS WARS and KATRINAS, and out n' out hatred and attacks on poor and working people does it fucking take!
6) Electroputas at The Cakeshop in East Village - Just some good old god damn blown out BOOGIE. Daevid Allen's cloud I could I clud I could. So much FUN! What a great band and good time.
7) Magik Markers and Dinosaur Jr. at Central Park, nice weather, good friends, old times & kool doobs.
8) My dog , Seamus, howling at the moon last weekend. I love my dog and he and I will sing together whenever we fuckin' want!
9) Child Abuse at Warehouse in Washington, DC - I was MAGMAtized, DEICIDEd and SUICIDEd all at once. I wonder what their parents thought? Good stuff Luke.
10) The Fall at the Knitting Factory, NYC - Gulping Jameson's with Richard and Manette. "Wrong Place Right Time" "I Can Hear The Grass Grow" (The Move), my liver still is twitchin' ah.
Best wishes to one and all,

Thad Watson | Lexington, Ky
All shows in Lexington, Ky unless I say so:
Spectral Flux\Sick Hour\Sapat -Charles Mansion
Sword Heaven -Born Mugged
Hototogisu\Burning Star Core -Charles Mansion
Corsano & Flaherty\Ken Vandermark -Underlying Themes
Leslie Keffer\Tusco Terror\Heart to Heart(stole the show) -Charles Mansion
Growing\Sick Hour -Mecca
Voodoo Organist -The Dame
The U.S.A. is a Monster\Kites -Underlying Themes
Spiral Joy Band\Sapat -Taylor Park (Louisville, KY)
Red Wizard -Born Mugged

ren schofield | I just live here/dynasty/god willing
coughs @ redrum. providence, ri
chris paddock @ okie st summer slam. providence, ri
finkbeiner + taiwan deth collaboration @ INC. miami, fl
mr transylvania @ bloodfest. tampa, fl
men who can't love @ my house. providence, ri.
work/death @ my 21st birthday party when he dressed up in a giant paper bag and lit him self on fire in front of some security guards.
work/death @ 39 troy st, providence, 2 days ago when he nailed his penis to a board.
lazy magnet dedication set at okie st, and karaoke set opening for lou barlow.
jessica rylan @ empty bottle, chicago.
new flesh @ jeff the pigeon. allentown, pa

Pete Camerato
Scooby Donts 2/26/05 James' Basement Amherst MA
Dinosaur/Magik Markers 930 Club Washington DC 7/11/05
Dinosaur/Magik Markers Pearl Street Northampton 7/12/05
Dinosaur/Magik Markers/Feathers Boston Avalon 7/15/05
Lou Barlow Higher Ground Burlington VT 10/7/05
Lou Barlow Iron Horse Amherst MA 10/12/05
Lou Barlow American Legion Hall Wallingford CT 10/13/05
Dinosaur/Ghetto Ways Irving Plaza NYC 12/3/05
Dinosaur/Sunburned Hand of the Man Middle East 12/5/05
Depeche Mode 12/8/05 Madison Square Garden

zac davis
1. heathen shame 5/05 (just them existing is enough, but live they killed it everytime i saw em)
2. vampire belt 5/05 (like someone took a loop from a guitar solo on "slip it in" and put some free drums under it)
3. sightings in boston 5/05 (sounded like a bunch of machines being amped slowly coming apart, just grinding themselves to death)
4. magik markers, columbus oh 8/05 (3 people watching, total retard shred out)
5. fucking bloodyminded in detroit 11/05 (wow man)
6. burning graveyards in our record room 12/9 (killer keffer pass out sesh)
7. all mind eraser gigs.... clevo 9/11/05 (buy bootleg from me), boston basement 5/05, certified dudes
8. dilloway in our basement 11/05 (went on at 330 am,totally fucked and shredded)
9. crystal cock over canada/life partners columbus, oh 10/05 (good to see dudes, totally shredded but more "together" than they used to be. killer LP too)
10. all the dancehall and reggae shows i had to miss because i was working in a bondage shop (bummer)

cory rayborn | three lobed recordings
1) electric six organs of admittance @ duke coffeehouse, durham NC (10/19/05)
2) no neck blues band @ night light!, chapel hill NC (4/3/05)
3) bardo pond @ the norva, norfolk VA (7/9/05)
4) wooden wand (solo) @ duke coffeehouse, durham NC (10/25/05)
5) magik markers @ the norva, norfolk VA (7/9/05)
6) sunburned hand of the man @ gate city noise, greensboro NC (4/6/05)
7) davenport / skaters @ night light!, chapel hill NC (9/5/05)
8) sun ra arkestra under direction of marshall allen @ cat's cradle, carrboro NC (2/3/05)
9) magik markers @ night light!, chapel hill NC (4/3/05)
10) growing @ king's barcade, raleigh NC (6/27/05)

Ryan Naideau | Guadalupe
sonic youth @ northsix
jandek /connors + licht/mv ee @ anthology film
haino keiji @ the stone - (purple tarp, duos)
wolf eyes / prurient @ northsix
animal collective @ webster hall
flaherty/corsano @ tonic
m ward @ knitting factory
sun o))) @ northsix
akron/family @ tonic
burning spear @ irving
empty silos echo war @ freespace
Begin forwarded message:

Jef Mertens | Videographer, Beligium
1) SY rehearsal w/ Enrique Morente (Cite de la musique, paris 28/10)
2) Magik Markers (Frontline gent May)
3) MV/EE (Kunstencentrum Belgie February)
4) Le Bjarne Riss Ensemble (Kunstencentrum Belgie November)
5) Loosers (Kunstencentrum Belgie December)
6) Magik Markers (Kunstencentrum Belgie March)
7) Millionaire (Rock Herk Belgium July 16)
8) Dirk Freenoise (Kunstencentrum Belgie March)
9) Bronze (Greens Geel)
10) Jandek (Kunstencentrum Belgie December)

Willie Lane | Willie Lane
- Endless Boogie @ Khyber - Philadelphia
- Dinosaur Jr @ Pearl St. - Northampton, MA
- Flaherty/McPhee/Corsano @ Bookmill - Montague, MA
- Dredd Foole @ Hampshire College (Wilder Cats Benefit)
- MV/EE Medecine Show @ Hampshire College (Wilder Cats Benefit)
- Paul Metzger @ Big Jar Books - Philadelphia
- Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice @ Eagles - Northampton, MA
- Believers @ Flywheel - Eastampton, MA (10-12)
- Jack Rose @ Circle Thrift - Philadelphia
- Coyote (from Martha's Vineyard) @ a houseparty in North Amherst, MA

will weikart
1. Psycho-Motor Retardation (Renewing the Anarchist Tradition
Conference - Plainfield, VT 9/24/05)
2. Merzbow, O'Rourke, Circle and Double Leopards 9/6/05 Knitting Factory NYC - all great
3. Magik Markers w/ Mouthus guy - warehouse in LIC, Queens NY-Swingset mag party 11/12/05
4. Sir Richard Bishop - Glasshouse, Brooklyn, NY
5. NNCK and the last bit of Excepter's set - Syrup Room, Brooklyn, NY 12/10/05
6. Sunn o))) - Northsix, Brooklyn NY 12/18/05
7. Whitehouse - Rothko, NYC 11/3/05 (because they sucked so badly)
8. Prurient and Laundry Room Squealchers - Tonic
9. Hototogisu - Tommy's Tavern (early this year???) - Brooklyn
10. PSI and Khanate at Mercury Lounge, NYC
these are in no particular order (except #1) and neglect most ofpre-Sept. 2005 since I lost that organizer and had to rely on myfailing memory

Aaron Mullan | Sonic Youth Engineeer and Audiological Confidante
1) Castles at Union Pool
2) Celebration at Union Pool
3) Miss Yvette and Peter Zumo at Tonic
4) P.G. Six at Tonic
5) Corsano/Flaherty at Hank's
6) Eye Contact at Zebulon
7) Gang of Four in Barcelona
8) Stooges- various gigs
9) Arthurfest
10) Turbonegro in Sweden

Nelson Gomes | Galeria Ze dos Bois - ZDB (Lisbon)
1 - Excepter all
2 - Hototogisu/Richard Youngs at ZDB
3 - Wolf Eyes/Sightings/Prurient at North Six
4 - MV & EE and The Medicine Show/Fish and Sheep/Manuel Mota + Margarida Garcia at ZDB
5 - The Hospitals at ZDB
6 - Mouthus/Loosers at ZDB
7 - Keith Fullerton Whitman/My cat is an Alien/Rafael Toral at ZDB (cosmopolis 06)
8 - A Hawk and Hacksaw/Nora Keyes at ZDB
9 - Orquetra Vgo at ZDB
10 - All the concert's in Lisbon of: Loosers/CAVEIRA/Fish and Sheep/Frango/Phoebus/Sei Miguel/One Might Add/Tropa Macaca/A A Tigre

David Payne
My Top Ten Live Performances of 2005:
wolf eyes -@ the Underground (Hamilton, ON)
double leopards/dead machines -- Victoriaville, PQ
Hair Police/Wolf Eyes + Anthony Braxton -- Victoriaville, PQ
Jessica Rylan == every date of mini Canadian tour in August (Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal)
Dead Machines - @ the Bagel (Toronto, ON)
Carlos Giffoni/Fursaxa/Zaimph/Christina Carter @ the gladstone artbar (Toronto, ON)

Brian Miller | Deathbomb Arc, Gang Wizard
* Toxic Loincloth vs. Privy Seals set at the Smell in Los Angeles, CA (circuit bending vs. harsh noise... and the only people that lost were the bike punks that ran in terror)
* Kevin Shields at some house party in Sacramento, CA (so many indie rockers threw a fit when they discovered that this was a solo female noise act and NOT their MBV hero)
* Ariel Pink at Hampshire College, Amherst (what a mess, we were stoked to find that this dude has so much in common w/ gang wizard when it comes to the live show...)
* Breathmint Records Tour (My first experience seeing Dead/Bird, and my loosing battle against Jimbo Easter both made me feel like less of a man)
* Burning Star Core and Core of the Coalman at Brutal SoundFX in SF, CA (east coast and west coast violin action from the two masters... although BSC's throat singing is the real mindmelter)
* Tralphaz at the Bakery in Oakland, CA (the absolute greatest screamer on the west coast... no angst, just the joy of fury)
* Barabaracuda at Ladyfest in San Diego, CA
* Anavan at CalArts in Los Angeles, CA
* Every single Spooky Bomb Squad show I saw (best band in Los Angeles, hands down)
* Josh Taylor's Friends Forever at Grandma's House in Oakland, CA (dude looks like a lady)

Joe Sonnenblick
Thurston Moore/Prurient at a party for some magazine in L.I.C
Wolf Eyes at Northsix
Dream Aktion Unit at the hook
Jackie O Motherfucker/Corsano+Flaherty at tonic
Mos Def+ Talib Kweli at B.B Kings
Sixteen Bitch Pileup at the hook
Cat Power i forgot where, i've seen her so many times
Text Of Light at The Stone
The Art Of Shooting Cd release party at the cake shop
Sonic Youth La ovejra negra in Astoria

Matt Krefting | Believers, Duck, Jim Beam
OK, no order, no nothing. I can't keep it to 10. No need, too much. Here we go:
Whitehouse -- NYC
Bummer Road -- Amherst
Sunburned -- everywhere
Markers -- everywhere
Antony -- Northampton
Dredd Foole -- everywhere
Scott Foust -- Easthampton
Nolan/Moore/Gown -- Easthampton
Anna Klein -- Northampton
16 Bitch Pile-up -- everywhere
Donna Parker -- everywhere
XO4 -- everywhere
Fat Worm -- everywhere
Michael Chapman -- Montague
Sapat -- Brattleboro and Easthampton
Endless Boogie -- Baltimore
Heathen Shame -- everywhere
Six Organs

Eric Yeschke | Dreadnots
1. Henry Grimes and Marshall Allen @ The Brewhouse (pgh pa)
2. The New Flesh @ Sidebar (baltimore md)
3. Tatsuya Nakatani, Michel Doneda, and Jack Wright @Garfield Artworks (pgh pa)
4. DJ Double K @ Brave New World (pgh pa)
5. Trevor Dunn Trio @ Mr. Smalls Funhouse (pgh pa)
6. Ben Opie solo set @ Garfield Artworks (pgh pa)
7. Dalek @ Garfield Artworks (pgh pa)
8. Circle @31st st. Pub (pgh pa)
9. Avram Fefer and Bobby Few @Pitt Health Auditorium (pgh pa)
10. Konono No. 5 @ Warhol Museum (pgh pa)

Michael | Trash Skull Tapes
1. Rainbow Blanket @ The Che Cafe
2. Sissy Spacek and Men Who Can't Love @ il corral
3. Spencer Yeh/Damion Romero Duo, 16 Bitch Pile Up, Faherty/Corsano/Cline, Sixes @ il corral
4. D Yellow Swans w/ Moth Drakula @ The Smell
5. Emil Beaulieau, Can't, Impregnable, Ex Jesus/Privy Seals Duo, Gang Wizard, Kevin Shields/Brian Miller @ il corral
6. Double Leopards, Mouthus, the Skaters, Gang Wizard @ il corral
7. 16 Bitch Pile Up, Damion Romero, Roman Torment, Tralphaz, Jarrett Silberman, Robedoor, Obstacle Corpse @ Turn The Screws Fest at il corral
8. The Haters, Roman Torment, Damion Romero, Pedestrian Deposit, Tom Grimley, Redglare @ il corral
9. The Cherry Point, Oscillating Innards, Impregnable, Moth Drakula, Circuit Wound @ il corral
10. Rubber 0 Cement, Obstacle Corpse, Dinosaurs With Horns, Damion Romero, Wire Werewolves @ il corral
Almost: *Wooden Wand and The Vanishing Voice @ The Smell *Skull Skull @ The Smell, *Privy Seals/Toxic Loincloth @ The Smell, *Carlos Giffoni/Nels Cline, Metalux, Open City @ il corral, *Growing, SunnO))), Earth, Jack Rose, Sonic Youth, Magik Markers, Lavender Diamond @ Arthur Fest, Business Lady @ The Smell, *Geese (Shiflet, Kudler, Zeh trio) @ il corral, *Vertonen, Jason Talbot, Points Of Friction @ il corral!

Thomas DERWENT | Columbus, OH
Flaherty/Corsano/Yeh TRIO -Eyes and Arms of Smoke @ Art Damage Cin- Ohio
Magik Markers -Sunburned hand of the Man @ Cafe Bourbon Street Cols -Ohio
Burning Graveyards @ the Lambsbread house Delaware-Ohio
Dead Machines @ Lambsbreads house Delaware - Ohio
Cuptent - @ Cafe Bourbon Street Cols - Ohio
Brian Harnety @ Cafe Bourbon Street Cols. Ohio
Bored Teen War Team @ Arlins open mic Cin Ohio
The Jeffs / Kill the Hippies @ Cafe Bourbon Street Cols. Ohio
Cheater Slicks @ Cafe Bourbon Street Cols. Ohio
Vulvonics @ Used KIDS Records in-store Cols. Ohio

John Truscinski | xo4, slaughterhouse percussion
1. Joe Mcphee solo-his Father's 100th birthday show-at the Stone, NYC
2. Charles Curtis/La Monte Young/Marian Zazeela, early December, Dreamhouse, NYC
3. Paul Labrecque's Open Mouth tape, headphones on the bus, New Haven, CT
4. Vampire Belt, New Years Morning 2005/and the show with Thurston Schoolhouse, Hadley, MA
5. Fe-Mail, late summer, Tonic, NYC
6. Morgan Heritage, Prospect Park, NYC
7. Pete Nolan, Thurston Moore, The Hook, NYC
8. Guy with a flute, 2nd Ave. train station, NYC
9. Daniel Carter with 4 or 5 drummers who's names I didn't catch, CBGBs, NYC
10. Fat Worm of Error, interupting their practice to pick up equipment, Northampton, MA

Eric Weddle | Family Vineyard/John Wilkes Booze
1. Blowin horn alongside Little Howlin' Wolf - Warehouse Next Door,
Washington, DC
2. Autodramatics - 1109 House, Cedar Rapids, IA
3. Purrient/Emil Beaulieau - Nightlight, Chapel Hill, NC
4. Can't - Nightlight, Chapel Hill
5. Monster Dudes - Food Hole, Portland, OR
6. NNCK/Magik Markers/Virgin Eye Blood Brothers - Nightlight, Chapel Hill
7. Cast King - WDVX 'Friday lunch stage,' Knoxville, TN
8. Indian Jewelry - Il Corral, Los Angeles, CA Il Corral
9. Susan Alcron - Temple Ball, Chapel Hill, NC
10. Crotch Council - Bear's Place, Bloomington, IN

Gabriel | UK
1.e.s.g. - koko club,london, april
2.corsano/flowers duo - termite festival leeds
3.magik markers - camber sands april
4.anthony and the johnsons - atp dec 05
5.leopard leg - supporting afrirampo, the luminaire,london
6.kevin blechdom - london, october
7.steamboat switzerland - termite festival leeds
8.animal collective - london, october
9.alexander tucker - termite fest
10.fursaxa - termite fest

John | In exile
1 michael hurley
2 flaherty/ corsano
3 magik markers
4 nautical almanac
5 Lucero
7 pengo
8 poet bill brown
9 sunburned hand of the man (lexington)
10 spectre folk (lexington)

all performances were in louisville KY unless noted...

David Keenan | Taurpis Tula/Volcanic Tongue
Jandek -Instal, The Arches, Glasgow/Music Lover's Field Companion, The Sage, Newcastle
Dredd Foole & The Din - Le Weekend, The Tolbooth, Stirling
Keiji Haino - Music Lover's Field Companion, The Sage, Newcastle
Dream/Aktion Unit - Le Weekend, The Tolbooth, Stirling
Kousokuya - Le Weekend, The Tolbooth, Stirling
Mochizuki Harutaka - Le Weekend, The Tolbooth, Stirling
Double Leopards - Subcurrent, CCA, Glasgow
Wolf Eyes - Subcurrent, CCA, Glasgow/Mono, Glasgow/Live In A Boat
Chris Corsano - Beerhouse, Manchester
Hijokaidan - Instal, The Arches, Glasgow

Darryl Norsen
1) Four Tet - 7/6/2005 @ MFA, Boston
2) Sunburned Hand of the Man - 7/6/2005 @ MFA, Boston
3) Slint - 3/20/2005 @ Roxy, Boston
4) Black Dice - 9/9/2005 @ MFA, Boston
5) Antony & The Johnsons - 2/12/2005 @ MFA, Boston
6) Thurston Moore - 2/5/2005 @ Mass Art, Boston
7) Devendra Banhart & The Hairy Fairy - 10/19/2005 @ Somervillle Theatre, Somerville
8) John Zorn - 1/29/2005 @ Isabella Gardner, Boston
9) Vampire Belt - 5/19/2005 @ PA's Lounge, Somerville
10) Sunburned Markers - 9/20/2005 @ TT the Bears, Cambridge

Taylor Richardson
1.The Skaters+ Finnish Friends @chinatown loft- boston
2.Vampire Belt @chinatown Loft -Boston
3.Heathen Shame- No fun fest 2005
4.Anthony Braxton @ ICA Boston
5.Double Leopards + Skaters @PA's
6.Magik Markers-No fun fest
7.Black Dice-@the LIving Room Providence
8.Mouthus+ ADHD @ Mass Art
9.Laundry Room Squelchers, jessica rylan,adhd @Pa's
10.Diaradical, Mating Dance And Nautical Almanac - Somewhere in somerville MA

Honerable Mentions- Dino Jr + Sunburned Hand Of THe Man @ Mid east club,
Anything Corsano @No Fun, Excepter @ Notown,

Jarek Miller | Ithaca
Ed Askew & No-Neck Blues Band, Two Million Tongues Festival, Chicago, IL
Sunburned Hand of the Man & Magik Markers, Fall Brawl, Buffalo, NY
MV/EE, Wilder Cats Benefit, Amherst, MA
Jandek/Corsano/Mazzacane/Heyner, plus Mazzacane/Licht & The Bummer Road, AFA, NYC
Deerhoof, Amherst College
Jackie-O Motherfucker, Gary Higgins & Jack Rose, Two Million Tongues, Chicago, IL
Ariel Pink & Gang Wizard, Hampshire College Quad
Bob Dylan, No Direction Home DVD
Dredd Foole
Vampire Belt, PA's Lounge, Somerville, MA
College Girls Gone Wild & Decaer Pinga, Book Mill, Montague, MA

Walter Carson | Lexington, KY
heathen shame @ no fun
jack wright/jon mueller/carol genetti @ firebird
emil beaulieau/auk theater/john wiese/jessica rylan spencer yeh @ artsplace
hototogisu @ charles mansion
decaer pinga vs smack music 7 @ no fun
flaherty/corsano @ underlying themes
christina carter @ the icehouse
can't + three legged race @ charles mansion
hair police/lambsbread/graveyards/leslie keffer in a delaware, OH basement
eyes and arms of smoke/dead machines/the haunting @ charles mansion
warmer milks anytime, all the time
hivemind/workbench @ charles mansion

Jan Anderzen | Tomutonttu
1) Wooden Wand & Vanishing Voice at Secret Eye House, Providence RI USA
2) Borbetomagus at Semifinal, Helsinki Finland
3) Burning Star Core at Spooky Action Palace, St.Louis USA
4) Chris Corsano solo at Mental Alaska, Tampere Finland
5) Sudden Infant & Jandek duo set at Avanto Festival, Helsinki Finland (ok, together only in my high fever mind)
6) Crank Sturgeon at St.Lawrence Art & Community Center, Portland Maine USA
7) Ashtray Navigations and Vibracathedral Orchestra at some place in Leeds UK
8) Decaer Pinga vs Smack Music 7 at Subcurrent Fest, Glasgow Scotland
9) Josephine Foster at Kurpitsa Talo, Tampere Finland
10) touring with The Skaters, Davenport, Hertta Lussu oss..., Kuupuu, Lau Nau, Islaja, Taikuri Tali, Pekko K...ppi and hearing them all play every night for one month